Friday, July 1, 2011

Fire in West Ward on Washington Court

It did not appear that anyone was in the building that caught fire today.
Posted by: Noël Jones

Four fire trucks, two ambulances and a few police cars responded to a building fire at what appeared to be 720 Washington Court around 5pm today. Since I live close by, I heard the sirens, saw the trucks--then the smoke--and decided to go get a closer look. The Easton Fire

Department seemed to have the situation under control as dark smoke poured from the top of the building. 

Washington Court is an alley between Pine and Ferry Streets. The building, which neighbors tell me used to be a bakery before the current owner bought it, is between S. 7th and S. 8th Streets. One guy on the street walked up and said to another guy, "I don't believe it! I was no where near the place." Which I thought was a curious thing to say. I asked him if it was a bakery, and he said, "It's my bosses warehouse." Then he walked away to get a closer look before I could ask him anything else.

Firefighters smashed out all the windows on the top floor, ran a hose from the hydrant on Ferry street all the way down and around onto Washington Court to the fire, and used a chainsaw to cut a hole through the wall. Below are some more pics I took...

Onlookers watched as firemen smashed out the windows on the top floor

Smoke continued to billow as a fireman hosed down the roof

Firefighters used a hydrant on the corner of S. 8th  & Ferry to run hose to Washington Court


noel jones said...

The ET so far just has pictures up, but will be posting an article later--I'm assuming once the owner and cause of the blaze is determined. As they have fancy zoom lenses on their cameras, their pics are better than mine, so you can actually see the the flames and the smoke more clearly...

noel jones said...

the ET still has done a full story on this--does anyone know what caused the fire?