Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nanga Jazzworld Trio to Perform at Ringside Friday, July 8th

Posted by: Noël Jones

The Nanga Jazzworld Trio, featuring West Ward resident, Patrick Poladian on piano, will be playing at Larry Holmes' Ringside Restaurant at 91 Larry Homes Drive in Easton,  on Friday, July 8th from 8pm - midnight. $10 advance/$15 door.

Patrick is French, a terrific jazz pianist, and one of Easton's more colorful personalities--I highly recommend this gig to jazz enthusiasts in the area! This is the real deal--"straight-ahead" jazz--not schmaltzy "smooth jazz" or elevator jazz.


tunsie said...

I am very happy that other venues are putting on REAL JAZZ...If I had my way there would be a JAZZ gig every nite in EastonI think that most people dont realize what Jazz is..IT is not instrumental.Just because its instrumental does not make it Jazz.SPanish music is not Latin Jazz...there is no JAZZ Rock,Blues or anytrhing else JAZZ is not an adjective it is a noun.pure and simple,baby....U know It when U see it,anything else just will not do................I love U noel......tunsie

noel jones said...

tunsie's jazz gigs at the Lafayette Bar are ALWAYS the real deal!

is there one tonight, tunsie?

noel jones said...

just heard--jazz at Lafayette Bar tonight at 9pm!