Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tragic Fire Strikes Tombler's Bakery

The Tombler's Home Baker booth at the Easton Farmers Market
Posted by: Noël Jones

Sarah Wojcik of the Express-Times reports that the Tombler Home Bakery--a popular vendor at Easton's Farmers Market--has suffered a terrible fire that has completely destroyed both home and business for the  family. Luckily no one in the family died or suffered injury in the blaze, but it is safe to say that this family, for the moment, is devastated. Amazingly, two family members were sleeping in the house in Glendon when it caught fire early yesterday morning, and were saved by passers-by who saw the blaze from I-78, got off the highway and came pounding on their door.

Easton's Main Street initiative is collecting donations for the family at the farmers market on Saturdays, and any other day at their offices at 35 South Third Street, so that all those who love the bakery and miss their booth at the farmers market can chip in to help and encourage them in getting back on their feet. Please make checks payable to: Easton Farmers Market, with "Tombler's Home Bakery" in the memo line.


tachitup said...

Great story on today's E-T frontpage about the volunteer fire-firefighter who first reported and acted on the fire. The guy is a for-real hero; it could have been much worse.

noel jones said...

thanks for the heads-up, tachitup. i tried to find it online but didn't see it--if you come across a link, please post it in another comment--thanks!

noel jones said...

here's the link to the ET article:

it makes me shiver a little, because i can't think of how many times i have seen a plume of smoke from the highway and assumed that someone else had already called the fire department in that community...

i love it that this young firefighter (24) had only been on the force for two months, and that this was his first fire!

noel jones said...

latest on the cause of the blaze, which is still undetermined: