Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Check Out This PBS 39 Video on Easton!

Posted by: Noël Jones

West Ward resident, Tim Hare, sent me the link to this Tempo inDepth video that PBS did on Easton recently, featuring an interview with Mayor Panto, professors at Lafayette College and Kim Kmetz of The Main Street Initiative. The part on  Lafayette's Williams Arts Center on Third Street as a town-gown bridge was interesting, especially since it has a lot of shots of the inside of the buildings there, as well as explaining their plans for the center, including a black box theater and a film screening room. I really look forward to the day when the community can attend live theater and art films in those buildings!

I would love to get readers' comments on various elements of this video...


Anonymous said...

What a great piece on Easton. I had heard about it but didn't have the opportunity to see it. Thanks for posting

noel jones said...

my pleasure