Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Easton-Born Expert on Natural Gas Drilling Returns to Warn PA about Fracking

Dr. Anthony Ingraffea, Professor of Fracture Mechanics Engineering for Cornell University, dispels myths and gives lecture to warn Pennsylvanians about the true dangers of fracking for natural gas.

Posted by: Noël Jones

I know how much Easton loves the "oldtimers"--those born and raised in Easton--and how when a lot of the oldtimers hear warnings from a blogging "newcomer" like myself about the health risks posed to our community by hydraulic fracturing in the natural gas industry, they'd rather just believe that these are the noises of an alarmist, and that everything will be ok.

The video above is of a lecture given by a Cornell professor, who not only happens to be an expert in fracture mechanics, but is a Sicilian-American who grew up in Easton and played football for Notre Dame High School. You can't be more of an "oldtimer" in Easton than that. So you don't have to believe me, just listen to him. He has come to warn his home state and educate citizens both on the process of fracking, the false projections for production, and the dangers to our air, drinking water, health, quality of life, and property values if
natural gas companies are not brought back under the Clean Air and Safe Drinking Water Acts, and forced to comply to the same safety inspection standards as other big industries.

Take it from an oldtimer. If we as citizens do not ALL take personal responsibility to stop this for the sake of ourselves and our families--not just once, but regularly--this state and our way of life will never be the same. Keep this link--watch it in chunks if you need to. He tells us everything we need to know--what is fact, what is myth and why.

PLEASE TAKE ACTION: Talk to your friends and neighbors--pass this video around. Use the links on the right side bar of this page to write our state representatives and senators to call for a halt to all new drilling in PA until the EPA is finished with their cumulative impact study, due to be completed in 2013, and write to urge our congressmen and senators to bring natural gas drilling back under the regulation of the Clean Air and Safe Drinking Water Acts to protect us from losing our drinkable tap water, and our health and property values with it!


Anonymous said...

Sal Panto says
Thanks so much Noel for this lecture. I know Anthony as he went to St. Anthony's School and Notre Dame High School. He was just a few years ahead of me. I remember him in high school and always admired his intellect.

I started watching last evening and hope to finish later tonight. This is good stuff and everyone should see it. I will not be able to attend my National League of Cities Environmental Steering Committee in September but I am going to send it on to them so everyone can view it.

Thanks again.

noel jones said...

That's great--thanks for watching and forwarding it! I think it's great, especially for some of the oldtimers, to hear it straight from an oldtimer's mouth (and an expert at that).

I hope everyone follows your lead and watches it too--it's lengthy, but worth it!

tunsie said...

Why is it that EL WARNER has to go to city council meeting and ask that fracking be outlawed in EASTON...I thought fracking was already illegal...why do we have to also make it illegal in easton.thats like saying we want all the illegal crimes in law books to be illegal in easton.....I yuv u noel.....tunsie