Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why I Love Jon Stewart So Much: Daily Show Calls B.S. on Media Blackout of Ron Paul After Strong Showing in GOP Debate and Ames Straw Poll

Posted by: Noël Jones

Jon Stewart tells it like it is. While both the liberal AND conservative media channels pretend like Ron Paul doesn't exist, Jon Stewart points out the inconvenient truth--that Ron Paul won the popular vote in a nationwide poll by Fox News after the GOP debate by an overwhelming majority, and he came in a close 2nd to Michelle Bachmann in the Ames Straw Poll (Michelle Bachmann only eeked out a victory because she used a large chunk of her campaign chest to pay country music star, Randy Travis, to hold a
free concert for her, and she gave out free tickets to the concert only to people who registered at her table and voted for her in the Straw Poll).

Even though Paul won the Fox New poll by a landslide (on their very own interactive polling map) in their live news coverage Fox commentators have done nothing but mock him, dismiss him, or ignore him completely, and instead are doing everything in their power to perpetuate the notion that the frontrunners for the Republican presidential nomination are Romney, Perry and Bachmann.

The liberal media outlets are no better (especially the NYTimes)--with the exception of NPR's on line site, which posted this article by Frank James, which includes the Jon Stewart video above.

As I have said before, I agree with Ron Paul on some things, and disagree with him on others. But I am so outraged at the media's blackout of this candidate, so incensed by this blatant attempt to manipulate the American people and keep the public from knowing that they have choices, that I am considering blacking out all Republican candidates BUT Ron Paul in protest.

I really am.


noel jones said...

please fwd this link to friends, family and neighbors--i want everybody to know about this media blackout--and besides--Stewart is hilarious!

tachitup said...

I'm rarely a Jon Stewart fan, and barely a Ron Paul fan; but this is so well done, it has to be shared. The truth bellows to be shared!

noel jones said...


noel jones said...

here's a video of Ron Paul's response to an opponent's claim that "corporations are people":

(he responds emphatically that corporations are not people, that people are INDIVIDUALS and not collectives, and that corporations should not be entitled to the rights of people)

othersideofthetracks said...

I like Jon Stewart very much as well, Noel...I will forward this link. Thanks so much. His delivery of encouched in humor makes reality or at least his view palatable.

tunsie said...

My friend AMY was visiting me for a pub crawl...she and I were eating sandwiches from one of our favourite deis CATALANOS in scranton..when the conversation led to a mutual friend of ours...I told AMY that he was a REPUBLICAN.she was so shocked.she said TUNSIE...Dont say that about anybody...That's a terrible thing to call people.....I didn't tell her he was a murderer or anything like that...I just told her he was a republican......I yuv U noel marie....tunsie

noel jones said...

here's a link with the number of news stories on each of the candidates. the lowest bar on the chart is Ron Paul, not only after all other Republican candidates, but also Donald Trump, who never even entered the race!

Dennis R. Lieb said...

It's hard for me to get upset about FoxNews because I never take them seriously. It's common knowledge that the on-air personalities are given their talking points daily. It's no coincidence that they say the exact same thing from show-to-show, hour-to-hour, regardless of whose mouth it is coming out of.

There was actually a piece done on this that showed how many times during a given week that the exact same rhetoric was parroted by different people about one topic...very funny to watch.

This is the far-right propaganda machine at full-throttle. To work there and call your self a journalist must be a hugely ego-deflating experience.

Simply put, what a bunch of dicks.