Saturday, September 3, 2011

Black and White Photography Event at Mercantile Home: Saturday, September 17th

Featuring the photography of Larry Fink

Posted by: Noël Jones

West Ward residents, Ken Jones and Ron Morris at Mercantile Home are hosting a new exhibit entitled "THE MOMENT" featuring black and white photography by Larry Fink, with additional work by Diane Stiglich and Ian Sumners, on Saturday, September 17th from 4-7pm, so make sure to stop by their store at 140 Northampton Street after the Riverside Arts Festival for additional festivities! The evening will be a black and white affair, and you are encouraged to wear your favorite black and white attire...


jeanette caines said...

I'll admit this sounds fun...though the gods alone know what happened to my Tux. Still, I thought I just take this time to mention that it seems quite a few positive things are now coming out of our local community center or possibly weed and seed I really don't know which.
We had a free film showing a few days back , supported by Easton City workers (nice guys...very nice) for the local kids, and the bike rodeos and safety stuff are still going on unabated. It really is great to see the positive stuff happening on our block and in our community. If possible Jeanette and I will attend this B+W thing, but I just wanted to pause and thank all involved for the great deal of positive work being done around the city and clearly with city support.
And so I'll do so...Thank you all.

purrduedvm said...

I realize this is off topic but since you are a Lehigh Valley blogger and resident, I wanted to make you aware of a FREE, educational, Constitution Day Workshop called "Everything You Wanted to Know About Obamacare (But Didn't Know Who To Ask)" being held on Sept 17th at DeSales University from 1pm-5pm. Questions/info and registration at:

david said...

P-, seriously I went to the web site...
Asking that clique for information about healthcare reform would be like asking Hitler for a solution to the "Jewish" problem. It is damned nice though to see that BIG MEDICINE and BIG INSURANCE are flexing their wallets to get rid of something that just might cost them a few profits. I smell a whiff of the hugely privately funded and utterly bought and paid for tea party in the air. I guess that's the "grass Roots movement.".
Again...seriously you people should be ashamed of yourselves as the rest of us are for having you as fellow citizens. (that's not an insult Noel...just a personal view)
That aside,
I read that there will be a 9/11 memorial here in Easton to show our support for our Police , Fire and other first responders. If anyone has more info I'd like to know as I hope to attend.

noel jones said...

purrduedvm--thanks for posting. this blog is open to all people and perspectives, including the Tea Party, and though I have beef with the TP on many points, I admire their level engagement as they are currently kicking the BUTTS of other residents with other perspectives in the ACTION department.

the blog of course is also open to all responses, such as david's, as long as they stay on topic and don't deteriorate into vitriol and david you're close so lets all stick to the strength of our points and have a robust discussion while leaving our egos and insults at the door. we should not be afraid to consider the perspectives of others and parse out precisely where we agree and disagree.

personally, i cannot get on board with any group on the right or the left with regard to the health care bill if they are not directly addressing the effect of the pharmaceutical cartel on the ever-higher costs of health care. the cable news networks do not address this critical topic at all, because they are all in bed with the pharma companies that buy their advertising spots--ever notice how many ads for drugs you see during any given "news" program? both our politicians AND our media on BOTH the right and left have been bought off by pharma.

the only person i have ever seen MENTION pharma is Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC, and he only did it once. i'm sure his boss put the kabosh (sp?) on that right away.

there is absolutely no genuine conversation that can be had about bringing down the cost of health care without addressing PHARMA. all else is a distraction.

Sal Panto, Jr. said...

The 911 Tribute is next Sunday at Scott Park at 4:00PM. There is also an interfaith ceremony at 2:00 at Trinity Epicopal on Spring Garden St.

For the 4:00 tribute I have invited all of the Easton Area forst responders - police, fire, emergency squads, the sheriffs office and the county EMS. All have responded that they will be attending and there will be a large number of emergency vehicles there and two fire ladder trunsk will come together to fly a large American flag.

We have a special treat in that we have 8 members of the Met who will be singing three patriotic songs during the ceremony.

The program will have each municipality recognizing their respective participants and then I will present the municipal service with a certificate of appreciation for being there for us when we need them on major emergencies.

Area elected officials are invited as well and Rep. Bob Freeman has been invited to say a few words. There will also be an honor guard and possibly a military salute.

Further details are still being worked out.

david said...

I look forward to the ceremony. And I'll apologize for ridding the edge there with my comments, it was the website that put a burr under my skin.
Sadly I agree on Pharma, for those who don't know we are experiencing a rather quiet and somewhat desperate shortage of older medications at many hospitals nation wide that has led to some disruption of patient care and possibly a few deaths. The reason is not a failure on the part of the hospital or the nation to plan, it is simply that those drugs are older and as such not as profitable and for it would seem solely that reason American based Pharma companies have cut back production while replacing them with nothing of similar capacity. This issue hasn't made front page anywhere, but has made the buried pages of periodicals in their online modes ranging from Forbes to the NYT.
Apparently it's quite the problem and it has been utterly buried. So, your point about BIG Pharma is well made.
And no, without dealing with that monster in some useful way a true solution cannot be found. Still, this healthcare reform measure, America's first is I believe a step in the right direction. If anyone the TP'ers included were willing to put forward an effective alternative I would consider it, but the right has no counter offer. They are simply anti- health care, anti-corporate responsibility, anti- pretty much everything. Anti- poilce, teacher, soldier, etc.. if we listen to Limbaugh or Palin. To be fair, we all find this sort of funny for a time in 3 year elected officials it's just embarrassing.
Sorry, best I can do...

david said...

To be fair I will add that locally, and only locally I have some respect for both the TP'ers and the GOP. Above the barest local level...none whatsoever.
Happy labor day.

noel jones said...

(Mayor Panto--thanks for posting)

ok, and let's remember that THIS post is ACTUALLY about a black and white photography exihibit on the 17th, and everyone should be digging through their closets for something black and white to wear!

i don't mind when comments go on tangents, but this one is WAY out there.

i look forward to seeing this photographer's work. Ken and Ron have great taste.

tunsie said...

I yuv U noel marie.............anon-mouse

othersideofthetracks said...

Does anyone remember the Black and White Party Truman Capote held? Think it was back in the early 1960's at the Ritz Carlton in New York City?

noel jones said...

no--sounds interesting--post a link if you find one...

Untouched Takeaway said...


One of my favorite vintage events. We'll never see the likes of it again, I'm afraid.

Here's a link, Noel:

Check out the guest list at the bottom. Not a Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian type to be found. And about 3 scrolls down the page, look at Candice Bergen in her prime. Let's just all slit our wrists now :)


noel jones said...

wow--you're right. drop-dead gorgeous. thanks so much for the link! i never knew about this. i hope someone will post fabulous pics of Ken and Ron's party since I will be out of town...

i love billy baldwin's mask at the end--his seems the most creative...