Thursday, February 26, 2009

City Planning Commission Meeting Re: Variance for Wholesale Beer Distributor to be on Northampton

A message from Micki:

There will be a meeting of the City of Easton Planning Commission to accept or deny the application for "a special exception request at 1125 Northampton St." The application is for a variance to establish a wholesale beer and soda distributor:

City of Easton Planning Commission Meeting
Wed, March 4th, 6:30pm

City Council Chambers, 5th Floor

Whether you are for or against, this is a great chance to show up and make your voice heard on what you do and don't think is an example of good economic development in the neighborhood as we revitalize.

For more information, please contact Micki Katz at


micki said...

I would like to ask as many citizens of the west ward to please come to this planning board's important for all our opinions to be or against. Give up an hour of your evening to let the city know how we feel about our west ward and what goes on here. We should be at the city council meetings also.
We can't let up...that's when we'll be defeated
hope to see you at the meeting

Anonymous said...

someone explain to me why this is a bad thing for our neighborhood, I don't get it. It's not a bar; it's not a strip club; it's a store that sells beer. Personally I don't drink beer but I have never seen a problem around a beer distributorship -- only around bars. Come to my neighbor hood and help us fight the bar on Butler st that wants to expand and of course offers no additional parking.

micki said...

There is nothing wrong with the type of business...just that the location is so close to places of worship, teen club, easton children's home facility,middle school
just too many children to be exposed to beer. Please come to the planning meeting though and express your opinion there

Anonymous said...

what's all the fuss about location? I gree with anon. Of course it is close to a lot of buildings that cater to our kids but I don't see a problem with it as long as it operates under the law. Just adding my opinion.

micki said...

there is no other area in easton that exposes children, and people who have committed themselves to NOT using alcohol.and worshipers to alcohol. Spoke to two men directly across from 1125 that are happy ..since they lost their licenses to DRUNK DRIVINg and will " just have to cross the street to buy a case. Awsome"
I hope you come to the meeting though and express your opinion there hopefiully you'll stand by your opinion and let us know who you are
do you live in the west ward?
see you at the meeting

Lenore said...

Seems to be a few anonymi here coincidentally pro the beer distributorship to be located 1125Northampton Street.

Nothing wrong with disagreeing,
why hide?


micki said...

Please, come to the Planning Commission meeting tonight at 6:30 and have your opinion heard. It's important that your opinion be heard so the their recommendation to the Zoning be what we feel is a decision that considers the health and safety of the citizens of Easton, most especially the citizens under the age of 21. Either way, we will have to go to the Zoning Board meeting too...and then maybe PA liquor control. We must see this through all the way.
Thanks, and hope to see you tonight!!

micki said...

thanks to all who came or con
this is what we be heard!!!