Friday, July 17, 2009

WWNP Call for Volunteers for Lafayette Project in the West Ward

Sophia needs all the volunteers she can get to help out the Lafayette students who are conducting a neighborhood satisfaction survey. I went out with one of the students for a couple of hours, and it went by really fast. If you can spare some time this weekend, or next week, please call Sophia:

Dear West Wardians:

We need volunteers to help our Student Interns with the Residential Survey in the West Ward on Saturday, July 18, from 10 to 2 p.m. any time that you can give during those hours would be appreciated. This is the last week the Interns will be with us and we would like to saturate the neighborhood on Saturday for a few hours if possible. Just email me back if you’re available.

Thank you,

Sophia Feller
Administrative Assistant
West Ward Neighborhood Partnership
610.515.0891 ext. 4200


Alan Raisman said...

As a volunteer on the Neighborhood Restoration Committee for the TALL Team, I try to encourage interaction between Lafayette students and Eastonians. I encourage you all to try and get out on Saturday!!

Alan Raisman
Lafayette College Student
Neighborhood Restoration Committee
TALL Team Volunteer
PA Weed and Seed

noel jones said...

Thanks, Alan--there is still time to volunteer a couple of hours through Friday of this week : )