Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Coming Soon: A Dog Park on Bushkill Creek!

A dog park will be built this year between the cemetery and Bushkill Creek.

Posted by: Noel Jones

Along with the development of bike trails along the Bushkill connecting to Riverside Park, there is more good news for residents this summer--canine residents, that is!

Express Times Article by Ed Sieger on the New Dog Park on the Bushkill

The bike trails, the renovations to Riverside and Scott Parks and the new dog park are all bright bits of progress to look forward to this summer! Spring is right around the corner...


Anonymous said...

What is the per dog? It's like the 30 kids who want a skatepark. Can we afford it? That's the question. We lose on our pools. The city needs to continue looking at the basic services - not expensive toys for a few people.

Anonymous said...

good point, anon 8:35

We hear too much about what we cannot do. And, then this?

Julie Zando-Dennis said...

My small dog is intimidated by big dogs, so we likely will not use the proposed dog park. Nevertheless, I wholeheartedly support the park because having more dogs on the paths, leashed with their owners, will contribute significantly to the safety of this recreational area. When I first heard about the proposed development of the Bushkill, I thought "nice idea" but will it be safe? Knowing that leashed dogs will be on the paths eases my fears.

If you doubt the positive impact of dogs in parks, just look to Brooklyn's Prospect Park as an example. In the eighties that park was rough, with gangbangers roaming the many wooded and isolated paths. Once the dog owners began to agitate for more access to the park, and won the right to have their dogs off leash at dawn and dusk in certain areas, the park began to get cleaned up, for the benefit of all. The same will be true here. More responsible dog owners with their dogs is a net plus for the Bushkill and should be supported.