Saturday, May 29, 2010

EASD: What Now?

84 local jobs were cut in Thursdays school board meeting

Posted by: Noel Jones

Click here to read the Express Times article by Sara Satullo on the school board's vote to cut 84 positions, including 70 teachers, 4 crisis counselors, literacy coaches and technology people. They have published photos of the three school board members who voted no: Jen Holzberger, Kerri Leonard-Ellison and Jodi Hess--please remember their names and faces in the next election, if not the next meeting. It's important, no matter what side of the issue you are on, to get to know the players in each scenario and know the voting records of the people we elect.

Click here to read the Express Times article by Sara Satullo.

Morning Call links to articles and a blog post with a poll (in blue) by Christopher Baxter:




and one article by Morning Call columnist Bill White as well.

Thanks to the residents who came out to speak on all sides of the issue--this is the most engaged in local politics I have seen Easton residents in the three years I have lived here--these issues impact us directly, and it's important to take part in our democratic process by speaking up at public meetings, getting to know our elected officials in action and voting with informed consciousness at our elections!

What do you think about all this? Do you think the board's request to the Pennsylvania Department of Education will pass? Considering the law states that teachers jobs cannot be cut because of financial need and only for "alignment" and the betterment of education, the logic seems dubious, but we will see what we will see...


Anonymous said...

The EASD BOard just through a whole generation of students under the bus. The only ones that are victrimized by their lack of financial management over the last 5 - 6 years aree the students. Wait til we see next years state scores. Think they are bad now.

Joanne said...

My mother worked for the public school system for most of her life. She felt that the teacher's union was the biggest roadblock to quality education. If we can keep and reward the best teachers, let go of teachers who aren't providing students the best education, remove any and all possible waste, let go of non-teaching positions that aren't absolutely necessary, utilize volunteers wherever possible.. would this be a remedy in a perfect world with financial restraints?

David Caines said...

Well, at least EASD does not disappoint.
I've said time and again, that I don't feel this is a problem that can be hired locally, thankfully all involved have proved the point. The remaining teachers will get some reward for utterly failing at their jobs, while EASD manages to break more laws in the comically tragic attempt not to break other laws. Wow, talk about leadership by example, this will teach our kids to value law, order and all that is good in the land.
Nothing here in Easton is ever quite what it seems. The union should of course strike, but they won't. The state should send this budget back...but I'm not holding my breath. If only the schools could get on board with EPD, EFD, and our other emergency service folk. Perhaps it's a conspiracy....EASD keeps the local kids dumb and scoffing at the law like themselves in an effort to provide job security for EPD, EFD, EMS, and of course our growing legion of corrections officers. Just some thoughts.

noel jones said...

Check out this New York Times article from yesterday:

Mayor Bloomberg announced that he and the teachers union came to an agreement not to raise teacher salaries, so as to save teaching jobs, and they are going to approach the state together to advocate for more funding for the schools...this is after having made administrative cuts, according to the article...nice to see a municipality and union find a way to work together for the good of the people.