Friday, May 7, 2010

Sat. May 15th - Electronic Recycling/Paper Shredding

A note from WWNP:
Dear Neighbors,

Please help get the word out about e-recycling and paper shredding at the Easton Area High School on Saturday May 15th, below is information from the Environmental Protection Agency’s website on why we should recycle electronic products.

If you can't reuse, repair, or refurbish the electronic device, the next best thing is to recycle it!
Did You Know?
In 2007, approximately 414,000 tons of electronics were collected in the US for recycling. Recycling this material prevented the release of greenhouse gases equivalent to the annual emissions of more than 178,000 cars.

Electronics consist of valuable resources, such as precious metals, copper, and engineered plastics, all of which require considerable energy to process and manufacture. Recycling electronics recovers valuable materials, conserves virgin resources, and results in lower environmental emissions (including greenhouse gases) than making products from virgin materials. For example:

  • Recycling one million desktop computers prevents the release of greenhouse gases equivalent to the annual emissions of 16,000 passenger cars.
  • By recycling 100 million cell phones, approximately 7,500 pounds of gold could be recovered - allowing that amount of gold to go into new products. Recovering the gold from cell phones, rathe r than mining it from the earth, would prevent 12,000,000,000 pounds of loose soil, sand, and rock from having to be moved, mined, and processed.

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Secure Shredding said...

It's really encouraging to hear of communities organising events like these. We all need to do our part to help the environment and take responsibility for the electronic purchases that we make, even after when they're no longer of any use to us.