Sunday, July 25, 2010

EASD Administrators Get a Raise

Please memorize these School Board members names for the next school board election--they voted against cutting 72 teaching positions and against giving all EASD Administrators and custodial staff a 2% raise. They themselves do not get paid a dime.

Posted by: Noel Jones

In an almost unbelievable finish to a community drama that has drawn out for months, that saw hundreds of teachers and residents pack the high school auditorium for school board meetings in a district confronting both financial and educational crisis, the Easton Area School District has not only refused residents' requests to offer to take a pay cut in solidarity with taxpayers and to open negotiations with the teachers union, but voted instead to fire 72 teachers and give themselves a raise.

Before everyone gets out the pitchforks and starts hunting down the school board, it's important to know who you're mad at. The three board members above, Kerri Leonard-Ellison, Jen Holzberger and Jodi Hess VOTED NO on the raises. The rest were either good with it, or absent.

Read all about it in Colin McEvoy's Express Times article.


Clem said...

Unbelievable, except we are talking about the public education machine.

Both those who voted the raises and those who accept them are vile, parasitic hypocrites who deserve every unpleasantry that can legally be visited upon them.

Feckless pigs.

Anonymous said...

I am not as concerned about the administrators getting a raise as I am in the fact that there were no adminitrative positions eliminated and yet there are 70 less teachers to administrate. With a reduction in staff of more than 80 I would think that we would need at least 3 less administrators. 70 teachers alone at the high school and not one administrator. Two words....."Top Heavy."

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. Outrageous. WTF? Arrogance? I just don't get it. One month they ax 80 jobs to balance the budget and the next month they give the administration a RAISE?!?!? These people need to go. Where is the public outcry? I guess since the "budget crisis" is over for this year (it will be back next year) the board figures nobody is watching and they can do what they want? From the lack of comments here it appears that may be the case. A very calculated move on their part. Next election we need to make the public remember what these folks have done... there needs to be some accountability.

Anonymous said...


noel jones said...

My apologies--it appears that somehow one of our administrators accidentally hit the Comment Moderation button so none of the comments were posting--I had no idea and was surprised that no one was commenting--now it makes sense--Post away!

Anonymous said...

The Easton Area School District is in trouble. There is no leadership and the prob lem is that there hasn't been any for quite some time. What we are experiencing is the outcome of the lack of leasderhip ofr the last 20 years or more. Horrible physical facility planning. And yet the engineering comapny continues to make big money.

Carinne said...

It’s like the board (minus 3), and the administration told the whole Easton community “F*#! You!!!”.
News flash, tax payers work hard too.
The next meeting WAS listed as August 26th on the website but now seems to be no longer listed. If anyone can confirm the next meeting please do, and I hope to see everyone there.