Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mercantile Finds New Home

Posted by: Noel Jones

A message from West Ward residents and entrepreneurs, Ken Jones and Ron Morris, owners of Mercantile Home:

After two wonderful years in our charming colonial storefront at 526 Northampton Street, we are pleased to announce that Mercantile will be moving to a new home at 140 Northampton Street,  on the ground floor of The Grand Eastonian Suites Hotel, in the Fall.  Our shop and design studio will finally live under one roof! Thanks to your support, our little dream has grown by leaps and bounds over the past two years, and more room is needed for it to continue to spread its wings.

Please join us as we celebrate the past two years in a final celebration at our current location on: Saturday, August 14th 4 - 7pm

We will be in touch soon with updates on the move, as well as information on other wonderful developments in the Mercantile Home story. In the meantime,  we look forward to seeing you on August 14th!


Anonymous said...

I would encourage everyone to visit the Mercantile before and after their move. This is exactly the kind of business Easton needs. The owners have pride in their business and are very involved in events throughout Easton.
Good Luck to Ken and Ron!!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. And they are at the Farmers MArket every Saturday as well.

noel jones said...

And they know how to dress their windows in a way that shows class and an appreciation for clean design, unlike so many other storefronts in Easton who seem to regard their windows as merely glass walls to stick stuff to...

I wish Ken and Ron would be contracted by the city to do storefront window display rehab downtown.

Anonymous said...

But they still live in the West Ward right?

Ron Morris said...

Thanks for the kind comments, folks! Hope to see you on Saturday. And...yes, we definitely still live in the West Ward. :)