Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Roll Out the Red Carpet!

Easton in the Oscar's?

Posted by: Noel Jones

This is exciting! Please read Colin McEvoy's article in the Express Times--a documentary made about our local Freddy Awards--given for best high school theatrical performances in our area every year at the State Theatre--has made the first cut for Oscar consideration and will be screened at the DocuWeeks Festival in New York and Los Angeles! 

This is a great opportunity for positive exposure for our area, and also to rally support for our arts programs in the Easton Area School District, which tend to not get nearly as much attention as our sports teams. Congratulations to all the teens who were a part of the Freddies this year!

I know we have some readers of this blog who have been passionate about attending the Freddies for years--please post your comments here!


Dennis R. Lieb said...

A great opportunity for the youth of Easton and the LV to be displayed on the national stage. It can't hurt the Silk Mill project or Easton Arts Community either. I recognised a few of the kids in the film from musicals I saw this year and my best friend from growing up popped up in a scene of people buying tickets in front of the State theater...he was shocked to find out about it. Pretty neat stuff.


noel jones said...

Is anyone planning on car pooling up to NYC to see the screening?