Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wish You Could Change the EASD? Here's Your Chance!

Posted by: Noel Jones

For those residents who have criticized how the EASD has chosen to spend tax money on building projects over the years--no more complaining--get involved! Below is a message (and challenge) from school board member Jen Holzberger:

Hi all,
Just a quick update since many people are in summer mode and not checking the [Easton Area School] district web-site too often.  The following is on the site:
The Easton Area School District is currently reorganizing the Facilities Utilization Ad Hoc Committee. New members are welcomed. Meetings are on an as needed basis throughout the year. If interested, please contact Sue Ferretti at ferrettis@eastonsd.org by Friday, July 16, 2010.
The Facilities Committee was most recently involved with the redistricting plans for the elem. schools.  There has been a huge decline in participants in the past year.  With future building needs and financial concerns, the committee is looking to regroup and start planning/recommending a course of action for district facilities.  If you or anyone you know would like to participate, please see the contact info above.  Meetings are usually in the evening at the admin. building once a month as things progress.   Please share this information with your friends and neighbors who might be interested.   All are welcome.
Thanks for your consideration.
Especially for those readers who have experience with construction, engineering, HVAC, facilities management, etc. this is a golden opportunity for you to make a difference by lending your experienced advice, and helping to save taxpayers money at the same time! (Ahem! Are you reading this, Marty Jones?)


noel jones said...

what? no comment? has anyone contacted the EASD to take part in finding solutions for the disaster we're in?

i know at the very least that there are some people out there that have lost their jobs in the recession and are on unemployment who could afford the time to join this committee and have a say in how our budgetary problems are solved--would you rather save money on capital projects, or just raise taxes on people in a recession?

the only way any of this is going to change is for people to start putting their TIME where there mouth is, and rather than sitting back and complaining, finding a role in which your ideas about how things can be done better can actually be put into effect.

David Caines said...

Having worked with other groups locally, I think like many I just don't see much point. I don't support the EASD, and I'm not going to have my name attached to something I don't support. I don't think that change is going to come from within here, and I think most other residents share that feeling.
Shame really as we have seen marked improvement in the EPD and other areas of local Govt.

noel jones said...

How do we know that changing from within doesn't work if we don't try? For instance, Jen Holzberger was just a concerned mom on the PTA attending public meetings for years until she finally decided to try to do something about it all, ran for office, and got elected. She's been slogging her way through the tough work of tackling these issues and making hard decisions, as has Kerri Leonard-Ellison. Instead of the usual rubber stamp votes at meetings we saw real discourse this year--even heated discourse at times--taking place in the decision making process. But in the end they are just two people on a board of nine--they need help. They cannot bring change from the inside if the rest sit outside and say "see? you can't bring change from the inside." Residents who want to see things change need to get inside IN NUMBERS. That's the key. But the general attitude of much of Easton's population for years has been to stand outside the process and criticize. Now, I know that that is not you and Jeanette, as the two of you have put in a tremendous amount of time into improving the community--the point is that you can't do it alone, and Jen and Kerri can't do it alone--it takes good people IN NUMBERS to bring change. Friends have to get together and join committees like this TOGETHER. And we need multiple candidates running for various seats and all supporting each other.

noel jones said...

I bumped into Marty Jones and he has joined the ad hoc committee! If anyone can cut to the chase and figure out how to save money on capital projects, it's Marty! He could use some back up though--any other tax-conscious residents with knowledge of construction, HVAC and other building systems out there willing to jump on board to brainstorm ways to save EASD taxpayers money?