Saturday, September 18, 2010

EADC - West Ward Community Block Party

Next Sunday we are having our first (of hopefully many) Block Party for the Easton Area Dems.

Location: Centennial Park

Date: September 26th (Sunday)
Time: 1-5pm

The purpose of this event is for as many westward residents to meet their new democratic representatives. This is an important event because it's main purpose isn't to force candidates but to introduce the newly elected committee people to their constituents. The people who we are actually representing. How do we represent what our neighbors want in a political arena if we never actually meet and speak with them on a continual basis?

I'm really excited about this event although I don't seem to have too many volunteers from the EADC to work the tables (yet) but did get a lot of people willing to donate products and food. So rest assured that if anything there will be TONS of food and music. Even if all the local committee people are working the tables we will make sure to say hi and introduce ourselves..but I'm hoping I'll get a bunch of people in the last hour to assist so that won't be necessary.

There will be more info to come but we do have a local DJ (Bassline) who will provide the music. I'm hoping to get a few more local artists to perform as well. We will have a clown and hopefully my brother (cartoonist for the West Ward) will be able to contribute his artistic abilities to the cause :)

Hopefully if this is successful, we will be allowed to have more and bigger events in the future.
Once I meet a few of my neighbors I hope to be able to put together a small focus group that would be willing to keep in contact concerning issues in their area. I know, it's a long shot but still would be nice if we as a neighborhood can organize in that way.

So I hope to see you guys there!!



noel jones said...

Attention Republicans--If you are having an event in the West Ward for your party, post the info here and I will create a new blog post to advertise your event too.

This blog is dedicated to getting ALL residents engaged in their political process, regardless of party. The more engaged voters in all parties are (including Independents, Libertarians, Green Partiers, etc.) the better our local democracy will be.

Nikkita said...

Thanks again to all the generous people at the EADC who are helping out with this event! Especially the Fleck's for the donation of the hot dogs, grill and clown.

I'm hoping this is the first of many events for the West Ward. Just to be clear, this event is for EVERYONE in the west ward..not just dems. :)

noel jones said...

check out my post above called "Limbo! How Low Can You Go?" to see West Ward kids doing the limo at the block party--it's great to watch when you need a little pick me up!