Saturday, September 18, 2010

Neighbors of Easton Goes Global!

Posted by: Noel Jones

I checked out the analytics for the blog today and was shocked (happily!) to see that Neighbors of Easton is being read now in 10 countries (pictured above) and 24 states!

The top states with most consistent readership (in order) are:

1. Pennsylvania
2. New Jersey
3. New York
4. Washington D.C.

Top countries are the U.S. and Canada, but it was really cool to see that we are being read in Europe and India as well!

Not sure what has boosted the readership outside the state recently, but I suspect it may be the coverage on hydrofracking for natural gas...what do you think?

Anyway, welcome to all our readers nationwide and overseas!


noel jones said...

Also interesting to see that within PA, in order of readership, checking in on the blog are:

1. Easton
2. Allentown
3. Bethlehem
4. Bryn Athyn
5. Sellersville
6. Palmerton
7. Harrisburg
8. Bangor
9. Pen Argyl
10. Philadelphia

All are "Neighbors of Easton" and welcome to the conversation--please feel free to drop a comment anytime--many of the issues discussed on this blog effect us all, especially with the midterm elections coming up!

Nikkita said...

Those are very impressive stats. Way to go Noel!!!

noel jones said...

I was really surprised, but--the more the merrier! I guess now that we are discussing some larger issues that are important to our neighborhood, we're drawing more readers because these issues affect other states (and sometimes countries) as well...

The civil liberties issue (gag rule) and the hydrofracking issue--as well as the congressional election--are a few topics that might explain the new readership, but really, I'm mystified--even so, it's fun to know the stats...

noel jones said...

Umm...make that 16 Ghana, Nigeria, Sweden, Switzerland, Belize and Australia have joined the roster...

...and there are now 29 states...

there are 83 towns and cities in PA that read the blog, but the top 10 are still the same since last post...