Saturday, October 16, 2010

Individuals in Easton Community Come Forward to Support Wrestling Program

Can a community of sports-loving individuals support our sports programs?

A message from West Ward resident, Carinne Buzzuto, who attended the EASD's Athletics Committee meeting last week, on new developments in the Easton Area School District's budget with regard to our athletics programs:

"Only months ago what seemed like the entire community was in an uproar over our school budget. Residents unable to continue to foot the bill/ go broke, middle school athletes who would lose their sports, a union who weighed in too late losing
important teachers, and rich superintendents who were about to get richer (all the while saying “but I work hard, I deserve to”… as if being rich is not good enough).

Through it all one opinion I had stayed constant. To save school sports, the sports community should save themselves. Honestly, I thought they could do it based on my knowledge of how many people cared, and how passionate they were. Still, I thought they probably wouldn’t do it, because it is cheaper and easier to let every taxpayer (seniors, non-parents, and those who have never and will never enjoy the sports) pay.

Well I was wrong. Couch Powell and his crew worked hard and raised the ENTIRE budget for a year of middle school 2nd team wrestling, about $6000! That left the Athletic committee with 2 questions (from President Pat Fisher) at the October 14th meeting.

1.   Will this cause other 2nd team cut sports to want the same reinstatement?  

2.   Are there any legal concerns to be addressed before reinstating the team (that would not exist if they were a “club”)?

As for the 1st question asked, I think all can agree with the answer “I hope so!” How incredible if all 2nd team sports can be funded in this way. It is something really wonderful and unique that Coach Powell accomplished and I really hope others can and will follow his lead. As far as I see it’s a win-win.

So that only leaves only our 2nd question asked. The board, and the public present at the meeting felt the answer is probably no, there is no major legal issue involved. Pat Fisher acting very responsible reminded everyone that we are not the solicitor and only he can say for sure. So I hope that by the next board meeting October 28th, they get the answer. The problem is the solicitor was asked 2 weeks ago to give this very same answer for the October 14th meeting and failed to do so. I hope he has a reasonable excuse for the his delay, and all goes well for the students sake. If not, what will they do with the $6000.? Perhaps the solicitor will suggest a donation to his personal lawsuit against our newspaper. Oh that’s right, we as taxpayer’s are already paying for that…"


noel jones said...

Carinne--thanks for taking notes for those of us in the community who couldn't make it to the meeting.

noel jones said...

And I have to say, it's really inspiring to see sports fans in the community stepping forward to support programs for the kids.

It's also interesting, because in a way, this is the Republican or Libertarian model at work, right? Keep taxes lower so that residents who are struggling are not forced to pay for programs while individuals in the community who are better off support the programs they believe in?

The more Democratic idea, is that we all contribute to a well-rounded set of programming for our youth (and other programs) and I guess the concern is that when individuals just contribute to the things they think are important, some other important stuff might go unfunded...

Still, it's really great to see the community pull together when the district, taxpayers and seniors are struggling...

Way to go, Easton!