Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lafayette to Host "Conversation on Thursdays" Next Door to the Bachmann Publick House

Join the conversation!

Posted by: Noel Jones

Now here's a unique idea in community building--rockin' and talkin'--I've seen the space--you can see it through the big storefront window from the street on Second Street--it is full of rocking chairs, all faced in a circle...should be interesting!

A message from Lafayette student, Mike Handzo:

Eleven North Second, located at 11 North Second Street, is Lafayette's new center for public dialogue and conversation.  It will be home to a weekly series of "Conversations on Thursday,” Thursday evenings at 7pm, throughout the fall.  These conversations seek to create, deepen, and build human relationships and understanding among community members.  They will be open to anyone interested in achieving this goal free and charge. 

There will be a “Conversation” this Thursday, October 21, at 7pm.  For now, there is no topic scheduled.  As we are getting started with the series, we’re holding several open sessions with no topic.  The areas of interest raised at these sessions will guide the scheduling of future conversations on specific topics.  Two Conversations have already happened, and a multitude of good ideas and topics have arisen.

We invite you to join us this Thursday night and for future Thursday nights.  Share your perspectives on
the community and relevant issues in an open, thoughtful, and safe space for dialogue.  Meet your neighbors - from down the block or from the other side of town. The floor (and our ears) are open to your thoughts, comments, and ideas.

Contact Dr. Bonnie Winfield ( or Lafayette senior Mike Handzo ( with any questions or suggestions for conversation topics.  You can also become a fan of Eleven North Second on Facebook for updates and conversation topics.

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