Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Girl Fights Off Male Attacker--You GO Girl!

All women should own Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 

Posted by: Noel Jones

I just can't get enough of stories of girls and women who fight for themselves. I'm not a fan of violent movies usually, unless there are good fights scenes for girls in them. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is one of my favorites, because two of the main characters are women who kick butt.

A couple of months ago, the Express Times reported that a Lafayette College student was accosted by a man with a knife who tried to force her into the trunk of his car. Today the Express Times staff reports that a 38 year old man tried to lure an underage girl in our neighborhood with money, and when she wasn't interested, he grabbed her arm and tried to force her into his car. In both cases, these young women didn't wait for anyone to save them, they fought their attackers off on their own, and both got away unharmed (physically, any way). My hats off to these two. YOU GO GIRLS!

What I don't understand though, is that when they caught the guy, they didn't charge him with assault, only trying to lure a child. When a strange man grabs a woman, child, or any human being he doesn't know without invitation, and tries to use physical force to overcome them, it's assault in my book.

What do you think?


David Caines said...

well, I must agree, it's assault. But simple assault at best.And he probably denied doing it. Prosecutors often won't bring a charge that they don't think they can convict on. This is a real problem for advocates of womens rights. And a problem for self defense instructors nation wide. Still, I'm glad to hear that EPD caught him and that he has been charged. Sadly he'll probably be pled out and isn't likely to see time unless he's a multiple offender.
On the brightside though, I also am always thrilled to see stories of women/ girls defending themselves. They are more than capable and have the need more greatly right now than at probably any other point in history.
Thanks for posting this...I'm more of a "Buffy the vampire slayer fan" myself (and Jeanette) we have all 7 seasons.

noel jones said...

Buffy is great too!