Wednesday, October 20, 2010

See Jake Towne Interviewed By Two Zombies!

Jake Towne, Candidate for Representative of the 15th Congressional District

Posted by: Noel Jones

Since Jake Towne didn't get to participate in the recent Morning Call congressional debate between Charlie Dent and John Callahan, and as a means of getting into the Halloween spirit, I'm giving him equal time today-- click here to watch this interview I found on youtube where Towne is interviewed by real zombies!

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Dennis R. Lieb said...

The Morning Call's agenda in local politics becomes clearer over time. They certainly wouldn't want to appear to legitimize a third party candidate when they have things so clearly defined as a "heads I win, tales you lose" no-choice process. Why muddy the waters with candidates that express independent thought.

Maybe the MCall is really the organization being run by zombies.