Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Watch the Video: Debate between Corbett and Onorato for Governor

Dan Onorato (D) and Tom Corbett (R) are running to be your Governor.

Posted by: Noel Jones

I found this video on line of a debate last month between Tom Corbett (R) and Dan Onorato (D) who want us to elect one of them to be our next governor. The debate is hosted by Ted Koppel, who opened with a saying I hadn't heard before:

"A Liberal is a Conservative that just got arrested, and
a Conservative is a Liberal that just got mugged."

I think it's brilliant. 

Please watch the video, get to know the candidates who want our vote for governor, and post your comments on Corbett, Onorato (and Ted Koppel) here!


noel jones said...

I can tell by the spike in hits in the last few days that a lot of people are watching these debate videos, so please post your impressions here!

Anonymous said...

Onorato by a landslide. Corbett may be a good prosecutor but he has no managerial experience and we certainly don't need on the job training.

Onorato is not only experienced but he has done the job in Allegheny County and can do it in our state. Don't listen to the Coirbett ads. They are false and paint a wrong picture