Monday, October 25, 2010

Two Great Politically Neutral Web Sites for the Mid-Term Elections!

Posted by Noel Jones:

Two interesting politically neutral sites I have come across recently with regard to the upcoming mid-term elections on November 2nd (and informed voting in general) are Project Vote Smart (pictured above) and Go To Quiz Political Spectrum Project Vote Smart tracks the not only the voting records of all candidates who have held a political office before, but also provides biographies, issue positions, interest group ratings, campaign finance information and endorsements, as well as speeches and public statements made by each of the candidates.

For those of you not sure where you fall on the political spectrum, the Go To Quiz Political Spectrum is an interesting exercise in finding out how liberal or conservative you are. What is also really fascinating, is seeing the various grids and the overlap of people who fall in different political quadrants.

I hope this is helpful--let me know what you think, after you try them out!

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