Friday, October 22, 2010

THE WEST WORD Voter's Guide is Out!

Posted by: Noel Jones

The West Word Voter's Guide is out and will be available in print in the next couple of days at a local business, cafe or pub near you! I am very excited about this guide to our midterm elections, which will be held this year on November 2nd. This volunteer effort provides information on the platforms of eleven candidates in five races on eight important issues to our community. In addition, it also provides a precinct map with a complete listing of precinct captains for both parties, so that residents who have any questions about candidates, issues, or the election in general, know who to contact. The guide also includes articles on who can vote and how, including a step-by-step guide to how to use the voting machine, and how to correctly cast a write-in vote.

The guide is available under the Downloadable Documents link on the right side bar of this blog, or by simply clicking here.

Many thanks to all who put their hard work into producing this quality guide in time for these very important midterms elections!


Alan Raisman said...

Senator Mensch was elected Senator on September 29, 2009. He has not been a State Senator since 2008. - Page 4, Voter's Guide

Anonymous said...

and hopefully he isn't elected in November......nice guy but represents Montgomery County

Dennis R. Lieb said...

Anonymous makes a good point. Messing with boundaries of the voting districts - as politicians like to do - ends up putting Easton at a disadvantage when people with little affinity for the area end up representing us. Nothing against Mensch...just the system biting back as usual.


Alan Raisman said...

Please remember that redistricting will occur. I am not sure what that will mean for the districts within Pennsylvania, but it is something to keep in mind as we look to the future.

Anonymous said...

re-districtng will re-occur true but it depends on who gets elected, what party controls the house and the loss of Judge Panella last year (the MOST qualified judge) in the Superior Court race will mean alot. If Onorato wins (I hope so) Easton's district will again become more Lehigh Valley than Montgomery County but if Corbett wins (God help us) then the district will stay the same./

Dennis R. Lieb said...

I stumbled upon an interview of Corbett on local TV (Channel 69 - Tony Ianelli) where he was asked about his stance on enforcing the law as AG. He actually touted his qualifications by using an example of the AG's office suing a PA municipality over some interpretation of state law.


This is the exact kind of thing we need the State AG's office to STOP doing. They have sided with big corporations over and over in local governing disputes instead of protecting the sovereign right of municipalities to run their own affairs.

we aren't talking about violating person's rights here. we are talking about preventing local self-governance in order to promote the corporate agenda over all other concerns.

The Sec. of Ag. has been doing the same thing for years by suing local governments that don;t want sewage sludge being relabeld as fertilized and dumped on their farmland. Some trumped up state law to protect agribusiness is used to prevent these towns and townships from protecting their own citizens from sludge-based toxins.

Corbett represents everything the state is ridiculed for.


noel jones said...

If anyone knows of a local business with a lot of foot traffic that should have a stack of these voters guides dropped off, please post here and if we have extras The West Word team will drop some off.