Monday, December 27, 2010

Beginning of the End for Net Neutrality

Rich = Fast and Free. 
Poor = Slow and Limited.

Posted by: Noël Jones

What is Net Neutrality? A free and open Internet for all--in other words, exactly what we have always had. Do you like the Internet you've always had access to? Kiss it good-bye. Corporations have won over the American citizen yet again. How long will Americans stand by and watch corporations get rich walking all over us? If it's not Big Oil, it's Big Gas. If it's not Big Gas, it's Big Pharma. If it's not Big Pharma, it's Wall Street--and if it's not Wall Street--it's communications corporations like ComCast who want to limit your Internet access and charge you more for it.

Please read Jason Rosenbaum's article for the Huffington Post, which outlines just how damaging for freedom expression, the free market, and equal access to information the FFC's new ruling is. These rules were written by the very corporations who will get rich off the ruling. The president has really let us down on this one. Please write our representatives and senators in Congress to tell them that you want your Internet back (all links to government are on the right side bar of this blog's home page). 

Unless, of course, you like corporations deciding what you can and can't see when you surf the web--or like that fact that big corporations and the wealthy will have an advantage forever over average middle-class American citizens and the poor by having faster and more complete access to information on a private Internet, separate from the public Internet.

This is the Information Age. If we don't have equal access to information in the new millennium, we are screwed.


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