Friday, December 3, 2010

IRS Giving Money Back to Northampton County Residents

Are you on the list?

Posted by: Noël Jones

Precious Petty of the Express-Times reports that due to an IRS error that has been discovered, $6.3 million in taxes will be be refunded to certain residents in Pennsylvania who are owed a refund and never got it. Were you expecting a refund that never came? Petty's article actually lists every American citizen in Northampton County (there are 70 on the list) who is expected to get a refund, but you need to contact the IRS to get it. Check her article to see if you're on the list!

I am very curious to know what caused this error--the article doesn't say. It also doesn't say whether other states across the U.S. were affected...that could add up to a pretty big oops.

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