Friday, December 3, 2010

REVISED: Kerry Myers Elected Over Jodi Hess As President of Easton Area School Board

New school board president, Kerry Myers

Posted by: Noël Jones

As reported by Colin McEvoy of the Express-Times, last night was the Easton Area School District's reorganizational meeting, and Kerry Myers was elected to replace board president Pat Fisher. Myers is not seeking re-election next year, so he will only serve as president of the board for one year.

I was not at the meeting but Christopher Baxter's article in The Morning Call spells it out pretty thoroughly, including the breakdown of the vote, and ex-President Pat Fisher's out-going comments.

What do readers think of this reorganization of the board? I know one thing, these meetings are only going to get more animated--Kerry Myers is not boring and perfectly comfortable in the midst of contention. As he was always outspoken as a member, I can only imagine that he will be even more outspoken when leading the meetings, and the quotes will be colorful.

He is quoted in both articles as saying, "I will try to mend fences and bring this group together," Myers said after the vote. "But if we're going to be a divided board, we're going to be a divided board."

He's an interesting character to me--on some issues I like him a lot and appreciate his candor, and on others he makes me really mad. But he seems to be a fairly straight-shooter for the most part--at least we'll always know where he stands.


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noel jones said...

anyone? i am surprised at the radio silence on this one, considering all of last year's drama...and the drama that is inevitable this year...