Sunday, January 16, 2011

Boys & Girls Club to Host Anti-Bullying Event in Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Featuring Local/International Film Maker, Gershon Hinkson and His Film "The Turtle and the Nightengale"

Posted by: Noel Jones

On Monday, January 17, 2011, the nation will honor the legacy of Civil Rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. During his lifetime, Dr. King encouraged people to work together in addressing community issues. The Boys & Girls Club of Easton (B&GCE) is challenging local youth, their parents and family members, to pay tribute to Dr. King by supporting the Club’s Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Day of Service.

Dean Young, Executive Director said, “Generally speaking the B&GCE is closed on Monday’s during the Fall-Winter & Spring and operates Tuesday through Friday 3pm until 9pm and on Saturday’s 9:00am until 5pm, however, the King Holiday gives us good cause to offer extended hours on Monday, January 17th, especially in presenting activities and programs that align with the King Legacy.”

On Monday, January 17th, between 6:00pm and 8pm the Club will offer an Open House and Anti-Bullying Seminar at the Easton Teen Center, located at 1101 Northampton Street, in Easton’s West Ward.  The Open House is presented in partnership with the B&GCE’S Valley Wide Teen Basketball Association members; Rough Riders Athletic Association of Catasauqua PA, Children’s Home of Easton and the Boys & Girls Club of Easton.

Young said, the Open House is billed as:

A tribute to King – “Non-Violence Healing Celebration - Beat Bullying”
Featuring; Gershon Hinkson: Writer, Producer, and Director
(see Bio below)
And Film Maker Company: Igneous Features:
Hinkson will also present the 1st place team awards to the overall winners of
the 1st Annual ‘New Year Teen Basketball Tournament’ for youth 16-18 years of age.  All players will receive a Tournament Commemorative Certificate of Participation.

The B&GCE will be serving light refreshments at this event so RSVP by Sunday January 16, 2011.  Call: Dean Young, Executive Director, on 484-239-2075 or email

BIO: Gershon Hinkson: Writer, Producer, Director
Company: Igneous Features

Gershon Hinkson has been contributing to the film industry for the last sixteen years as an assistant editor and editor.  His commitment to the industry is matched only by his passion and respect for the art form itself.

As an assistant editor and editor, Gershon has worked with directors such as Spike Lee (Clockers, Girl 6, Get On The Bus), Alfonzo Cuaron (Great Expectations), Tony Goldwyn (A Walk On The Moon), Al Pacino (Chinese Coffee), Malcolm Lee (The Best Man), Charles Stone III (Paid In Full, Drumline), Chris Rock (Head Of State), Sam Raimi (Spider-Man2), Sydney Pollack (The Interpreter), Wolfgang Peterson (Poseidon), Doug Liman (Jumper) and most recently with the Coen Brothers on their remake of the John Wayne film, True Grit.

As a writer/producer/director Gershon aims to entertain and educate. Considering himself fortunate to have learned from some of Hollywood's elite, his sense of giving back has inspired him to create Movies At The Mill Easton or MME ( a film festival whose goal is to reinforce filmmaking as an art form.  With the help of Easton, PA, Mayor Sal Panto Jr., a few dedicated members of local government and a host of community volunteers, MME has been elevated to one of Easton’s signature events and is entering its third year. Hinkson’s film “The Turtle & The Nightingale” marks his second attempt at the helm. He is currently developing a feature length film to be shot in 2012.

Film: The Turtle & The Nightingale
Filmed on location in London, England, this tale, about bullying, enters the lives of three precocious 12-year-olds, who in spite of their antagonizing domestic circumstances, discover the magic and the healing power of friendship.
Credits: Writer/Producer/Director/Editor

Running Time:  19min 7secs

G. Dean Young, Executive Director
Boys & Girls Club of Easton - GREAT Futures Start Here!
P.O. Box 741, Easton,  PA 18044-0741
Office Phone: 610 253 5846
Fax: 610 253 6041


tunsie said...

This topic makes me sick.I cant see picking on somebody just to make them feel bad.when I was in school and a class mate lost a loved one due to death or they were feeling down,we woul invite that person to sit with us during lunch and we all would try to cheer that person up.......Tunsie

noel jones said...

Anyone who missed the Movies at the Mill film festival last summer at the old Simon Silk Mill, will have this opportunity to see Gershon's terrific short film on this topic. It was done with an an almost all-child cast in London, and it's really brilliant treatment of the topic, which considers not only the pain that bullies inflict, but he pain that makes them bullies in the first place, and how to go about healing for both the kids being bullied, and the bullies themselves. It's really beautiful and also has many very funny moments..

I highly recommend this film for all parents and children concerned about this topic in our community--and also just anyone who loves a good smart film.

David Caines said...

I support anti-bullying actions on just about any level, and am happy to see such actions taking place in Easton.

tunsie said...

if anybody wants to bully me.I will telll them that my buddy noel jones will beat them up......tunsie

tunsie said...

i forgot to say i love noel....anonymous