Friday, January 14, 2011

Pubbing in Scotland, Anyone? Sign up before January 31st to travel May 1st-8th!

This is your chance--go pubbing with Porter's Pub in Scotland!

Posted by: Noël Jones

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while, know that I am a big fan of Porter's Pub in Easton--and it's not just because it's around around the corner from my house either (although that's great too). Porter's is a family run business that not only provides the best beer selection in town, but some of the best food as well. I never know what to recommend to first-timers when I take them there, because everything I have tasted on their menu is good. If there's one thing I love as much as good food in a restaurant, it's consistency. They also have a warm atmosphere going there, which is partly due to the way the Porter's brothers restored the place when they bought it (low light on the original wood, the exposed fieldstone wall) but it is also an extension of the warmth of the people who work there, who, beyond being genuinely friendly, are passionate about their beers and carry themselves with an easy pride that goes with knowing you work in the coolest place in town.

But Porter's goes beyond offering great beer, food and ambience. It has become an important "third-space" in Easton's community, where all types come together to celebrate, debate, or play a game of chess or "bones" on the bar. The pub also has great live bands Wednesday through Saturday nights, features exhibits by local artists, and offers a tasty brunch on the weekends, whether you're just getting out of church, or nursing a hangover.

Larry Porter has taken the third space community offering to another level, hosting travel tours to Europe, where he takes a group of regulars and new folks to a different country each year to sample another culture’s food, wine and beer, while exploring what each new location has to offer in terms of natural beauty, architecture, and all-around fun.

“A traveler has the best of both worlds on these trips,” says Larry, “the security of having the
base of a hotel, a tour, and a fun group of people to hang out with, as well as the freedom to go off and do your own thing if you want to.”

This year’s trip will be to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland and home of Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace and The Royal Mile. The flyer on the bar boasts that, “Castles, golf courses and Scotch Whiskey abound, not to mention the rugged and stately Highlands, the Trossachs and Lochs, and the picturesque villages at every crossroads…”

$1199 includes direct flights between Newark and Edinburgh, all transfers in Scotland, a half-day tour of Edinburgh, six nights at the 3-star Holiday Inn Royal Mile and breakfast daily. The hotel’s location is just a block down the hill from The Royal Mile for a real taste of medieval Scotland and just 10 minutes walk to the Waverly train station. The trip is from May 1st to May 8th, 2011—and there is still time to purchase tickets—the deadline to reserve your spot is January 31st!

Here’s an excerpt from my conversation with Larry about these trips:

Q: Where did you go with the group last year?

A: Last trip was our November 2010 trip to Lisbon, Portugal

Q: Of all your travels so far with regulars from the pub, which has been your favorite and why?

A: It's really tough to choose a favorite. I have a favorite memory from every trip. Especially the first time you explore a city or country, you know what they say about first impressions. I loved Ireland and Scotland for the scenery, Prague for the architecture, Budapest for the fabulous outdoor hot baths, Belgium for the beer, Italy for the wine, Munich for the friendly locals and Portugal for the wine and the great group we traveled with. It was a relatively large group of 46 people but it seemed to gel very well. I think some real long lasting friendships were made on that trip.

Q: What is unique about the upcoming trip to Scotland that you're looking forward to?

A: The Scotland trip will be unique for a couple reasons. First it will be a relatively small group of 20 to 25 people so I'll have a better opportunity to really get to know my fellow travelers. And second, Scotland is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. I'm really looking forward to renting a car and driving up into the highlands and out to the western coast and islands. It's a small country and easy to get around. They even speak English!  

For more information, please visit or send email Larry at


Untouched Takeaway said...


The SO and I are *huge* fans of Porter's also. Their fame is spreading; we now make sure to call for reservations on any night where there's a show at the State, because Porter's is always full on those occasions.

You can have a lovely brunch with *real* food (love their many variations on eggs Benedict), complimentary Mimosas and great music all for about the same (sometimes less!) price than a greasy diner.


tunsie said...

I have traveled the world many many times the first time I traveled with a group.those people traveling with m complained about NOTHING.I was ashamed of how they were treating hotel or restauraunt employees.I can imagine do they think that all americans R like that.I traveled many times after that and had a great time..they call me from australia every week and ask me to come back.The Porters R great people.I think that traveling with them would be great.My buddy troy went to PORTUGAL with friend told him where to eat while in LISBON.I met an artist at my place who sat and talked to me for some time,and he said to me I ask people where they have traveled,and I know who they R.I like doing my own itinerary and spontaneoty on a trip...I dont plan ahead......when they go to australia.I will go and show them all the spots that the tourists DONT go....I love U Noel.......Tunsie