Friday, February 11, 2011

4-Year Old Nina Explains the Egyptian Revolution

This video is adorable, hilarious--and accurate!
Click HERE to watch.

Posted by: Noël Jones

Despite rumors that Mubarak was going to step down today after 2 1/2 straight weeks of massive protests in Egypt, apparently all he did was say that he would remain in power, but that his vice-president was going to do all the work from now on.

I much prefer Nina's explanation. I think I'm one of those "no money people" she's talking about...

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David Caines said...

Well, it seems as though he has stepped down, but I seriously doubt that major change will come to the nation in any event. With luck there will be some small redistribution of wealth, but revolution and such as we Americans see such things are rarely what other have in mind. We may be saying the same words but we are speaking wholly separate languages. Egypt like much of the rest of the world has no history of freedom as we understand it, nor even a want of such a thing and I think it is worth noting that. At the end of the day, few cultures are like our own equally few our like the European cultures from which we took most of the ideas for our own. It is perhaps a great failing of the people of modern America that we imprint upon others our own values, when they rarely have an interest in such things. With luck Egyptian women might get a few more rights, a bit more of a share and say in their lives, but few cultures truly wish for this and the idea has even fallen out of favor within our own.
I think in the end, this childs view is the most accurate, it's about money and who has it. Nothing more.