Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Potential Candidates Start Your Engines!

If your political party would like to announce a call for candidates, 
please email me at neighborsofeaston@gmail.com--all parties welcome!

Posted by: Noël Jones

As mentioned in my previous post, there are many positions up for re-election this year, including judicial, school board and city council offices, among others--click here for the full list of positions up for grabs in the next election.

First out of the gate are the Democrats with a call for candidates--below is a message from Matt Munsey of the Easton Democratic Committee:
Contact: Matthew Munsey, 484-548-0676,

                  Easton Area Democrats Offer
              Session for Prospective Candidates

Easton, PA - Democrats thinking of running for local office this
year have the chance to learn the ropes on Saturday, February 12.

The Easton Area Democratic Committee will offer its 2011
Democratic Prospective Candidates Information Session from 9 a.m.
to 11 a.m. at the Easton Area Neighborhood Center, 902
Philadelphia Road. The morning begins with welcoming keynote
remarks from Mayor Sal Panto who, as Easton's highest-profile

elected official, is himself seeking re-election this year.
Breakfast refreshments will be served.

The program will offer attendees the opportunity
- To learn what local offices are open this year and what's
 involved in running for them
- To learn the basic requirements of getting on the ballot
- To learn what's needed for financial reporting as a candidate
- To meet incumbents and other candidates formally and to mingle
 informally when the session concludes

Persons interested in attending should RSVP either to EADC Chair
Sandi Vulcano (eastonpa97@aol.com, 610-253-0696) or EADC Strategy
Chair Matt Munsey (strategy@eastondems.unEnding.org,
484-548-0676) to make sure there is space for everyone.

The program welcomes locals who are committed to running for a
particular office as well as those who simply want to know more
about what such a commitment entails.


David Caines said...

I for one would love to see more candidates, as it isn't much of a horse race when only one horse runs...or worse, no horse runs.
So lets dig deep folks and see what we can all bring to this democracy that we love/ hate and in the end share.
lets here from those who have never considered the idea. Those who probably should be our leaders.

David Caines said...

Just an aside here, and to be fair, the GOP / Republican party is also looking for candidates. And by the gods they are horribly out numbered in this burg.
If you run a business, if you flip burgers, pump gas, or just scan products at the local wawa then you probably have the basic skills to run for office. If you are a drug dealer, pimp, or otherwise outlaw...not so much so. Go figure?

noel jones said...

David--as I mentioned below the photo on this post, I will be posting a call for candidates for any party that sends me info at: neighborsofeaston@gmail.com

I would love to see all parties represented--a full field for each race--and some debates between multiple candidates from various parties!

Only the Dems have sent me theirs so far, but hopefully the Republicans and other parties will not be far behind...

david said...

I would definitely love to see some debates as well.
So, we'll se, but the window is closing.

David Caines said...

Just an aside here, I have chosen to start a blog- "Homeowners of Easton" it is my hope that we can work with and not against each other.I feel that we have enough in common. I also feel that we have differences, and that local homeowners have different needs, I hope to see you there. Seriously, you're fun to fight with.
So lets have at it. I am prepared to let the fur fly...as I tend towards a more Howard stern style of argument.
Still, I will be haunting NOE, perhaps in the end imitation is the best form of flattery , in any case, it is time to put myself out there a bit more.

tunsie said...

If my favourite Noel runs for any position....I will beat anybody up that doesnt vote for her.....Tunsie

David Caines said...

I would also vote for her for school board.

Anonymous said...

As far as I know we are okay on the city level. From what I hear Panto will be announcing for re-election as well and Warner and Brown have already announced for council wiht the only Warren still not showing his cards. Basil has announced re-election for controller and at least two individuals have let their intentions be known for council -- Peter Melan (not sure of spelling) and school board president Kerry Miers. Surely more will be trying their run for local seats.

The area I am really concerned about is school board and county council. These two governmental bodies are a disgrace -- the county from their antics aka Angle and the EASD BOD is just bafoonery that is costing the residents a lot of money with somewhat questionable return.

noel jones said...

thanks for the vote of confidence, guys, but i am happy in my role in the community providing this forum to promote discussion and engagement in our local democracy by residents of all political perspectives, and covering the actions of our elected officials. my contribution to the elections will be trying to raise visibility for the candidates and giving residents the opportunity to better know what their choices are as we head into the primary and general elections--i hope to produce another candidates' forum at some point in this election cycle, to give an opportunity for residents to get to know the candidates of ALL parties in the running.

David Caines said...

Shame though. I'd love to see you on the school board, but we all have our roles to play.
Still would be nice to get some voices that we all know into positions within city govt.

tunsie said...

I dont want my noel on the measly school board...I want her to be president of the U.S.of A....baby....I love noel...shes gonna be the bestest president in the whole wide world.....Tunsie