Tuesday, April 19, 2011

EPD Raids Heroin Dealers on the 1100 Block of Washington Street

Posted by: Noël Jones

Michael Buck of the Express-Times reports that officers raided a home on the 1100 block of Washington Street this morning, finding heroin, scales and a fire-arm. Three people have been charged.


David Caines said...

Was this a use of our new tac team?
If so, nicely done.
896 wolf might be worth a look.
I've had no luck getting good intel or I would have sent it along, still...there is something going on outside of the law.
Blessings on the EPD.
Love to see our taxes at work.

Anonymous said...

I saw it go down, This new unit is precision plus. They were in and out in seconds. All coordinated for a total assault on the house.

There is no dount we still have drugs in the neighborhood however, it has been drastically reduced and it seems that the EPD are doing these types of raids every week.

I heard that the EPD is now assisting Palmer and Wilson because of the low level of sales actually taking place in the city. Is it true? If so, great.

I also understand that several of the mall type parking lots in the burbs are havens for drug sales.

noel jones said...

Anon--this brings up a question that I blogged about last year--are Easton's enforcement efforts pushing crime outward and into Wilson/Palmer/Forks? It's an interesting question, because of the irony of people choosing to buy in the burbs to avoid crime...

Every once in a while, somebody asks me why I never run for local office, when I push political engagement so much. One of many reasons is that I would never have a chance, as my views are too radical for most. Personally, I think we should legalize drugs and zone and tax it (as long as were in the business of taxing businesses) and treat drug addiction as a sickness, not a crime. That would cut down on the violence around the business, because no one would be dealing with the threat of losing their freedom if caught. There would still undoubtedly be violence over the money, but at least the threat of incarceration would be removed as one driver of violence around the business.

But until that happens, we have hired police officers to arrest drug dealers and incarcerate them, and it seems our officers are doing a fine job of it.

I am interested, however, to get more readers' opinions as to whether they feel that open air drug dealing has gone down in frequency in the last five years. This does NOT mean whether or not people see others dressing a certain way or walking and talking on their cell phones and decide they must be dealers. I'm talking about actually witnessing open-air hand-offs of packages through car windows, by hand on the street, etc. On my corner (S.8th & Ferry), it seems to have gone down slightly.

If you post your impressions, please indicate the area of town you're talking about so readers know--thanks!

Anonymous said...

I live in your immediate neighborhood and I now can go days without seeing a drug deal go down, maybe even weeks. I think the poster was saying that what I see is that the buyers are from the burbs anyway so let's go to the burbs where the heat isn't as strong. I cannot praise the police department enough and I see more and more of them everyday, in cars, on bikes, walking - it's great.