Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Location Update: Photo-Sculptor Isidro Blasco To Give Artist's Talk at Lafayette's Williams Visual Art Center Monday, April 25th

Posted by: Noël Jones

This is cool! New York-based photo-sculptor Isidro Blasco will be doing a two-day residency at Lafayette College at the Williams Center for the Arts, room 108 on the corner of Hamilton and High Streets, and an artist's talk on Monday, April 25th at 4:10pm, which is free to the public. This is almost late enough in the work day that 9-5-ers who are art enthusiasts might be able to get off a little early and make it. To see just how strong this guy's work is (and how prolific he is), click the

link on his name above, which will take you to the Google Images page with tons of images of his work. Below is the announcement by Lafayette College:

Visual Artist Isidro Blasco Shares Perspectives at Lafayette April 25-26

Talk by New York City based artist is free and open to the public

EASTON, Pa. (www.lafayette.edu) April 19, 2011 — Visual artist Isidro Blasco will visit Lafayette College April 25-26 as part of the Third Street Artist-in-Residence Program. While at Lafayette, Blasco will give an artist talk on Monday, April 25 at 4:10 p.m. at the Williams Visual Arts Center on North Third Street, Easton. He will discuss his work in sculpture and photography as it relates to space and distance. The public is invited to attend free of charge.

Based in New York City, Blasco uses photography and architecture to create large-scale installations that are usually comprised of intricate and unusual perspectives. Blasco says his work “explores themes of vision and perception in relation to physical experience.” Blasco’s work deals primarily with private and domestic spaces.

For one installation, Blasco constructed multiple pieces that depict a variety of subjects including a poorly constructed ‘apartment’ located at his father’s house, a quiet residential block, and the fast-paced streets of what appears to be a teeming city.  Blasco’s work is innovative, exciting, and creative and his unique use of perspective enhances the visual elements of his work.

Third Street Artist-in-Residence Program enhances the role of campus and community by supporting the creative arts and artists, as well. During his two-day stay, Blasco will meet with students individually to discuss and critique their artwork. He will also work with several studio art classes and the members of the art department’s Community-Based Teaching Program led by Jim Toia. The program is made possible by the generosity of the AKS Foundation and its support of the arts at Lafayette.

About the Artist

Isidro Blasco was born in Madrid, Spain in 1962. When Blasco was 19 he began working in his father’s ceramic factory. In 1984, Blasco traveled to Verona, Italy and apprenticed with the sculptor Miguel Berrocal. Blasco studied art and received his BFA at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Facultad de Bellas Artes. Blasco was involved in projects in Rome and Mexico and eventually received his Ph. D. at the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Facultad de Arquitectura. In 1996 Blasco moved to New York City and participated in the continuing education programs at Cooper Union Architectural School and Columbia University. Blasco currently lives and works in New York City.

For more information about Blasco’s residency, contact Karina Skvirsky, assistant professor of art at Lafayette, (610) 330-5826, 
skvirskk@lafayette.edu, or Greta Brubaker, Lafayette art instructor, (610) 730-9323, brubakeg@lafayette.edu.

Brenda Jocsak
Media Relations Associate
Communications Division
Lafayette College
Easton, PA 18042
(610) 330-5121


David Caines said...

To be honest I don't think this is art. But art is by all means in the eye of the beholder and I won't mock the artist even though it does not fit my asthetic. My stuff ight make them gag.
Art in any case should be encuraged...it is what empires leave behind. Not ideals, or truth, or even knowlkedge...... but art alone survives the ages.
Sorry, I won't be around much...I'm trying to get off disability . I Tprobably won't be this june....but I'm doing my best.

noel jones said...

We'll have to agree to disagree on this one, because I think his stuff ROCKS. However, that's one of the great things about art, is that it is absolutely subjective, so to each his/her own!