Friday, April 22, 2011

Get Ready for the SPRINGFLINGFEST!

Posted by: Noël Jones

The FUNdraisers continue for the skatepark that Easton's youth and supporting sponsors in the community have been pursuing for a year now--these events are a great time whether you skateboard or not--personally, I go to show support for kids who are taking matters into their own hands and engaging in their local political (and fundraising) process to achieve their goals. I also go to watch them do tricks and get cheap haircuts--either way, a good time is had by all--be there or be lame!


tachitup said...

This sounds great...but I'll be working at, then touring the Easton House Tour that day. Happens every spring and fall....too many events scheduled on conflicting days.
Readers gotta skate stuff for a good cause or seeing neat places to benefit Main Street Initiative and facade stuff?

noel jones said...

it's a great problem for a town to have!

Untouched Takeaway said...


Where can I get information/tickets on the Easton House tour?



tachitup said...

UT -
Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 day of tour, start at Riverside Park. Visit for more info or to buy tickets online.

Advance Ticket Locations:

1457 MacArthur Road, Whitehall

Bloomies Flower Shop
21 N. Second Street

Eileen Recchia Flower Shop
320 Cattell Street

Giacamo's On the Hill
700 Cattell Street

Easton Public Library
515 Church Street

Easton Main Street Initiative
35 S. Third Street

Forks Township
Something Different Decor &Gifts
Giant Shopping Plaza

Secret Garden Gift Shoppe
301 Village at Stones Crossing

Mycalyn's Florist
30 S. Main Street

Untouched Takeaway said...


Thank you so much - perhaps I'll see you there!

Noel can vouch that I'm at least a carbon-based life form; we met briefly at the Merc last weekend!


noel jones said...

UT is definitely either a carbon-based life form--or an awesome hologram.

noel jones said...

as is tachitup