Thursday, April 14, 2011

Impressive Set of Lectures Being Presented by Lafayette College for Earth Week

Posted by: Noël Jones

I am very excited to learn that these lectures will be open to the public. In this day and age, when fracking for natural gas threatens an ever dwindling global drinking water supply for all of us, and when obfuscation abounds from politicians and our media. So the lectures on April 18th, and April 21st are most interesting to me...

Read below to see the schedule and line-up!

Lafayette College Celebrates Earth Week 
Easton, Pa. ( April 14, 2011 — Earth Week at Lafayette College will incorporate many different aspects of the environmental movement, such as biodiversity, water issues, art, religion, and local concerns. Lectures, panel discussions and sustainable activities will be featured.

“Earth Week is about inclusiveness,” says Christopher Kelly ’13 (Boyertown, Pa.), president of Lafayette Environmental Awareness and Protection (LEAP). “Environmentalism in the past has been portrayed as centering on a singular issue or being a ‘fringe’ hippie-type operation. The past 10 to 20 years have seen the evolution of this ideology into an entity that has transcended typical definitions. Green has become about jobs, religious stewardship, clean drinking water, and human rights. While it’s true that many endeavors still focus on recycling, composting, climate change, and pollution, the umbrella has expanded tremendously. This week is a celebration of the Earth’s wonders, as well as a call to action, a broad-based referendum on the challenges still remaining.”

Events are sponsored by student organizations including LEAP, the Earth Week 2011 Committee, the Lafayette College Sustainability Committee; the Muslim Student Organization, Interfaith Council, Engineers Without Borders, the Society of Environmental Engineers and Scientists, the English department and the VAST/Environmental Studies initiative.
Lectures and presentations open to the public include:

Monday, April 18

7 p.m., Oechsle Hall room 224. “Caring for Words: Strategies of Subversive Stewardship,” will be presented by poet Marilyn McEntyre. A book signing follows.

Tuesday, April 19

7 p.m., Oechsle Hall room 224. Daniel Klem Jr., Sarkis Acopian Professor of Ornithology and Conservation Biology at Muhlenberg College, will speak on "An Overview of Bird Mortality at Windows: Cause and Prevention Challenges." Klem will flesh out the scientific reasoning behind the behavior.

Wednesday, April 20

7 p.m., Oechsle Hall room 224. Charles Vorosmarty, professor of civil engineering with the City College of New York will present “Water for a Crowded Planet: Lessons from the Northeastern United States.” Vorosmarty has led an interdisciplinary team of researchers who have traced the hydrology of the region over several hundred years. He will discuss the insights gleaned from the project and provide some thoughts about the future of water in the Northeast.

Thursday, April 21

4:15 p.m.-5:45 p.m., Kirby Hall of Civil Rights room 104. David Smith, director of professional development at the Da Vinci Science Center, will present “Marcellus Shale Gas Drilling: A Primer.” Smith will provide a succinct overview of the entire issue: the technology, negative externalities, etc.
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Alan Raisman said...


I could be wrong, but I believe that most lectures at Lafayette are open to the public. You can find out about events going on at Lafayette College at the website below.

The specific calendar for community outreach is at the website below.

noel jones said...

Thanks for posting the links, Alan.