Friday, April 1, 2011

Rally in the Valley: Teachers Against Cuts to Education Budget

A recent rally in support of Michigan's teachers

Posted by: Noël Jones

Rallies against cuts to education budgets that threaten the teaching jobs of thousands of teachers are breaking out all across America. This Saturday, one such rally is planned in Bethlehem to protest the proposal to cut 168 teachers there. Here is the facebook page for the rally, for anyone who is interested in attending.

With Easton's proposal to cut 215 teachers' jobs, an Easton rally can't be far behind...




You are a nut. You complain about raising taxes and then bitch when necessary cuts are made. People are getting tired of your kind and all the unnecessary trouble you cause under the umbrella of the first amendment.

Get a friggin' life!!!

tachitup said...

The above comment is a classic. It is totally unencumbered by the thought process; reading comprehension also seems to be absent. Might I suggest anger-management help?
Seems to me that the post is a news report, sans editorial comment.
Given today's news from Allentown, we've got an entertaining time coming. Stay tuned. Stay cool. Vote on May 17th.

noel jones said...

did anyone go to this? I'd like to hear from someone who many people turned up, etc.