Monday, May 9, 2011

Reminder: EASD Candidates Forums This Week!

Posted by: Noël Jones

Don't forget TONIGHT and WEDNESDAY are the school board candidates' forums for the Easton Area School Board. So who do YOU want representing you on matters like tax hikes, program cuts and the teachers contract? Are you unhappy with the current state of education in our country/state/city? It is time to DO SOMETHING about it. If you don't like the current school board, now is your chance to get to know the new candidates and change that (or to decide you like a few of the old candidates and keep them on board if you think they're doing a good job) so I hope to see everybody there!

Region II Candidates Forum
Cheston Elementary School
723 Coal Street, Easton
click here for directions from your house

Region I Candidates Forum
Chrin Community Center
4100 Green Pond Road, Palmer
click here for a map

This is your local democracy, and it is our duty as Americans to become informed and take part in selecting our leadership. Please make this a priority, bring the kids if you need to, and encourage your neighbors to do the same!

See you there!


Anonymous said...

It's too bad this one is going to be so tightly controlled. It would be a pleasure to see DelBacco run on about sodomy being taught in our schools as an alternative to abstinence, and all of the socialist propaganda being feed to our children in the schools(via books like "Nickled and Dimed", and others written by "socialists").

noel jones said...

Don't forget to bring the popcorn, Anon--I think there are bound to be some energetic highlights in this cast no matter how controlled it is ; )

noel jones said...

here's Samantha Marcus' article for the Morning Call on the Region II race that will be highlighted in tonight's forum at Cheston Elementary--it should get interesting:,0,5471743.story

tachitup said...

I have lost any respect for Samantha Marcus. Who cares if Pintabone became a young father? Why is DelBacco a "Tea Party" member and not a Republican or Democrat? The Tea Party is not a political party....the upcoming primary election is only for registered R's and D's. However, the position for which they run is non-partisan and (if you read the rules) the candidates can be on both the R and the D ballot.
Is Samantha a cousin of Timmann? Does anybody take him seriously and why did he get so much ink?

noel jones said...

i would have to disagree on the idea that the Tea Party is not a political party. just because they are not an official political party on the ballot, does not mean that they are not politically motivated. although, i would not label them as strictly a political party, as they are also largely a religious group per #2 of their 9 Principles on the local LV party web site:

when residents vote, they naturally want to know as much as possible about a candidate, including a transparent representation of their political leanings and personal values. for instance, Ron Paul is a registered Republican running for President, but it is important and worthwhile to know that he is a libertarian (little "l"--not a member of the Libertarian Party, big "L").

if a person is a proud Tea Party member, i don't see why they should have a problem with a journalist saying they are a member of the Tea Party, or even a Tea Party candidate, as this is the way candidates are referred to on a national level as well. we always hear, for instance, about "Tea Party candidate Michelle Bachmann" or "Tea Party candidate Sarah Palin," etc., even though, officially they are registered as Republicans. it is important to voters to know where candidates really stand, and to not be limited to what a candidate chooses to tell the press on any given day.

cross-filing, in my mind, does not make a race less political--the very act of people getting to know a candidate and deciding who to vote for is a political process in our democracy--cross-filing is merely a demonstration of a vote of confidence from both parties that people of both parties feel they would be well-represented by a candidate.

but it is important to note that Tea Parties are local, and differ from region to region. for instance, I was told by Tea Party members at a meeting I attended that the Tea Party in Philly endorses candidates, while the local LV Tea Party adamantly does not endorse.

Anonymous said...

I agree, everything about a candidate is fair game. My question would be is "why is Delbacco trying so hard to present a different individual?" This guy isn't just a member of the Tea Party he is an extremist.

Anonymous said...

I am a Republican living in the West Ward. Why can't mayors cross-file like school directors? I want to vote for Panto now and get this over with.

noel jones said...

good question--i don't know why cross-filing is allowed for school board and magistrates but not other offices--does anybody know the rationale behind this?

tachitup said...

Actually, Noël, you do agree with me and explain it at length. The Tea Party is not (yet, and maybe never) a political party in this country. One cannot be a registered teapartier in an election. Although it does indeed explain a lot about one's views. A candidate is not able to be a tea party candidate without also a D or R (yeah, could be something else), yet Samantha neglected to say which....perhaps I'm belaboring a minor point. She's not the first. Both parties have their fringe....pinko socialist or whacko Christian right. The Tea Party has some of each party in it, ok, skewed R, but why did she neglect to mention all candidates registered party?
DelBacco has never shied away from his connection. I think the school board might need a shot of anti-Vulcanofamilyism.
I'll end now without going into why someone should be elected because Sal and Larry like him.
Anon 3:38, great point and why are the primary and general 6 months apart? Why not 3 weeks apart?

noel jones said...

FYI, I will be attending the Region I forum tonight and intend to post transcripts of both forums tomorrow if all goes well...

tonight should be interesting as there are six candidates involved--most of them very experienced in the district...