Friday, June 17, 2011

Sarah Bilotti to Resign from EASD School Board

Who will get the tiara?

Posted by: Noël Jones

Colin McEvoy reports in his Express-Times article that Easton Area School District board member Sarah Bilotti has announced that she intends to resign from the school board, citing personal and
professional obligations that conflict with attendance at school board meetings. This means that her seat too will be up for grabs in the November election. Both Democratic and Republican committees have the opportunity to choose their candidates by August 25th. In the meantime, board members will select a temporary replacement.

This is too bad, but also an opportunity for new blood on the board. Bilotti was not one that particularly inspired nor offended, but she did occasionally speak up to protest wasteful expenditures in the district that were going unapproved by the board, like the representatives from D'Huy Engineering that were getting paid to show up at many of the meetings--usually to speak up in defense of their own contracts.

Who out there do you know that would make a great school board member? Now is the time to encourage them to run! Sarah Bilotti's seat represents Region III, which covers Lower Mount Bethel Township, Forks, College Hill, and part of the West Ward. 

Thoughts? Ideas? I wonder who the board will appoint in the meantime...

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noel jones said...

i hope that both committees are putting some serious thought into who they will run for these spots in November--it also seems like a great opportunity for an independent candidate...