Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SouthSide Film Festival Is In Full Swing!

Posted by: Noël Jones

Check out the film schedule for the SouthSide Film Festival in Bethlehem on the event's website here!

I'm hoping to make it out to some of these this year...I welcome readers to post reviews here!


peterkc said...

The Film Festival is awesome. Many of the films are by and about people in Africa, which is this year's regional focus.

There are dozens of short films, but take a look at some of the features:

Fambul Tok tells the story of a grassroots truth & reconciliation movement with outstanding results.

In From a Whisper, a girl who lost her mother in the embassy bombings and an official who knew one of the bombers help each other restore their lives.

The Athlete tells the amazing story of Abebe Bakila, who shattered world records to win the marathon in Rome & Tokyo—and might well have won Mexico City & Munich if he hadn't been derailed by injuries.

Africa United tells the story of 3 young people who set off on a journey to the World Cup in South Africa, facing unbelievable challenges on the way.

Not every film is about Africa -- American: The Bill Hicks Story and The Last Mountain focuses on MountainTop Removal coal mining & the efforts of Robert Kennedy to end this devastating practice by the greedheads. [Both of these films will be screened again tonight.]

It's an awesome, mind-expanding, consciousness-raising experience! Don't miss it! {Most films are screened twice, so the films noted above repeat tonight or tomorrow!]


noel jones said...

thanks for all this info, peterkc!