Thursday, July 7, 2011

GET YOUR GREENS: Fresh Greens Are Ready at the 10th Street Community Garden!

Lettuces and chards, ready for picking at the community garden on 10th and Pine Street

Posted by: Noël Jones

All West Ward residents are welcome to come get some greens from the 10th Street community garden! The garden was built by volunteers and sponsored by the West Ward Neighborhood Partnership. There are two community gardens in the West Ward, the other one being the one with the white picket fence at 5th and Ferry Streets. Come get your fresh greens! You do not have to have helped build the garden to be welcome to come get vegetables, but if you would like to help chip in and water once in a while, please contact Sophia Feller at the West Ward Neighborhood Partnership at (610) 515-0891.


Anonymous said...

Time for a fresh green parade!

tachitup said...

This is such a cool thing to do!

If you pick a couple salads, please water a few plants.

Pay it forward.