Thursday, August 11, 2011

Easton Area School Board Update: Castrovinci Switches to 2-Year Race

Frank Castrovinci (right) is no longer challenging Kerri Leonard-Ellison (left)  in Region II, but has instead chosen to run for the remaining two years of the vacated seat to which he was appointed at the last school board meeting.

Posted by: Noël Jones

It is not often that I make a wish, and it comes true. Especially when breaking the cardinal rule of wish-making, which is that you can't tell anybody your wish if you want it to come true. In my previous blog post about the Region II Easton Area School Board race, I begrudgingly admittedly to liking what I had seen of Frank Castrovinci at the last school board meeting, and suggested that if he only weren't running against the only incumbent worth keeping (Kerri Leonard-Ellison), and would switch to run for the remainder of the position he had been appointed to, I might even support him, despite the fact that he is the brother of HR Director, John Castrovinci, and that I spoke up against his nomination because of it.

Well, now, according to Colin McEvoy's article for the Express-Times, Frank Castrovinci has done just that. Much as I didn't want to like the guy, I can't seem to help myself. Here's why:

1. He took the heat with class. Several residents voiced concerns about nepotism at the last board meeting and he not only responded without being defensive or angry, he responded with his qualifications as a controller, and with a personal story illustrating past differences with his brother. In
other words, he seems to respect that as a public official, his job would be to listen to, consider, and answer the concerns and criticisms of his constituents. Something a lot of our local officials don't seem to understand.

2. After being appointed, he sat with the board and listened to many of the same citizens who had just spoken against his appointment, speak up about their concerns with the engineering contract bid process, and the push to approve D'Huy. His response? He used his first moment of power to vote to table the D'Huy vote, then recused himself from the rest of the voting that night, since he was brand new. This tells me that he seems to not take things personally, and that he is confident enough to think on his feet and make a good decision under pressure.

3. [This part is pure speculation] After sitting next to Kerri Leonard-Ellison and seeing her ask the important questions while everyone else was happy to sit like a lump, it appears he has realized that he would rather be on the board with her, than to try to knock her off.

4. Did I mention that he is a controller? Who wouldn't like to see some fiscal control on this board?


tachitup said...

Yeah, Frank is a class act. I, too, was concerned about the good-ole-bro thing...but I now think he might actually have our best interests in mind.
Pretty smart of him to go for the 2 year thing, since he would have lost to Kerri....but he's a good candidate.
Frank is being nominated by the R's. Who will the D's put up?

noel jones said...

check my latest post on the five new people running for the two open spots...

Piaggio said...

Noel, I, too, am thrilled that both Frank and Kerri will be able to both serve together on the board. You and I disagreed earlier when Frank was appointed due to the position of his brother. Having Frank, John and sister Kathy as students at EAHS and teaching with their dad, Frank, Sr, they are all class act people. Hopefully the climate on the board will change for the better. Enjoy the weekend and the Farmer's Market!

noel jones said...

Thanks for posting, Piaggio. In talking to residents and candidates in the last week, there really seems to be a new breath of optimism running through everyone. Everyone is saying the same thing--"wow--7 out of 9 positions potentially changing at the same time, and all these new people running--it could really change the board significantly for the first time..."

People are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of croneyism in the district, shaking off cynicism and apathy and RUNNING for it--i love this--it's exciting to see!

Kate R said...

Hear Hear!!

noel jones said...

I hope everybody has this Thursday, the 18th on their calendar...