Thursday, August 25, 2011

If the Storm Doesn't Get You Friday, the Music Will

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Posted by: Noël Jones

If Hurricane Irene hasn't hit our area by tomorrow night (which should be the story, since our area isn't supposed to get hit until Saturday) then by all means, get down to Centre Square from 7:30 - 9:30pm and
hear the funk/jazz/R&B ensemble, The Doug Hawk Proposition in a free live concert. This is one of the better bands in the area, and they play semi-regularly at Porter's Pub. Doug Hawk is one white boy in glasses with a lot of soul--a lot of Stevie Wonder hits in the mix--and he's good enough that you don't even mind that he has the nerve to remake Stevie Wonder tunes.

Check their web site for a sample of their style:

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tunsie said...

when there eas a flood in NEW ORLEANS......HARRY CONNICK went into theis home and found an elderly gentleman hiding in his attic from the water..He carried him out to the roof and a helicopter saved him...U see JAZZ musicians R super heros 2....I was on topic baby because I am relating this 2 a previous storm that caused a flood..I yuv U noel marie...tunsie

tunsie said...

another thing about The storm that I dont like is that U have these crazyheads on tv gettting blown in every direction.Than they tell us the wind is blowing very fast out here...U knucklehead we can see that...go inside U CRAZY...I yuv U noel...tunsie

noel jones said...

well said, tunsie.

i'm in New York and they have evacuation maps published on line that go deep into brooklyn and other neighborhoods in the even of a 2 or 3 hurricane...i imagine all NYC will get will be a strong tropical storm (which can do enough damage on its own) but it's crazy to know that millions would have to be evacuated if a real hurricane hit. they have already evacuated a lot of New Yorkers here...

so far, as of 1:51pm Sat all there's been is a short deluge followed by a sprinkle and now just cloudy...what's it doing in Easton?

tunsie said...

It rains stops and rains again...Its a hurricane baby...I am inside running a jook joint..I had people dancing on the bar.Now i am playing that BABY MAKING MUSIC...I enjoyed our visit this week...More Times...More Times,my sistren...I love U noel marie...tunsie

noel jones said...

the Lafayette Bar would indeed be a fun place to weather the hurricane--but hey--how was the music in the square last night--that's what this post's about--did anyone go? i like that band...sorry to miss it.

Dennis R. Lieb said...

Doug was excellent as usual. He mentioned a few people he knew in the crowd and made some jokes about our screwed up country.

Some dude from the accounting firm that sponsored the event seemed to be very much into it...until he started paying attention to the lyrics. Then he said we were to leftwing for him and made a beeline
outta there.

Went and sat at Valenca afterwards for a beer and pizza. Hung out until 11...they had a guitar player outside playing reggae and Van Morrison.

All in all a very relaxing night.


noel jones said...

Sounds like a nice night in the circle--sorry to have missed it. I like the fact that Easton is starting to develop a more vibrant night scene downtown in the summers...