Thursday, August 25, 2011

Easton Tags Six Properties for Initial Phase of New Anti-Blight Initiative

The old armory at 687 Northampton Street is on the priority list.

Posted by: Noël Jones

Ed Sieger of the Express-Times reports that the Vacant Property Review board has chosen six of the 38 properties that it originally designated as either blighted or vacant, for the first phase of the city's new anti-blight initiative. The hope of the city is that the owners will remediate their properties now, rather than delay to the point that the city has to take them by eminent domain, but the process has now begun and will be assertive in moving forward. The six properties are:
  • 430 W. Lincoln St.
  • 51 S. Warren St.
  • 373 W. Nesquehoning St.
  • 501 Northampton St. (the building owned by Rock Church)
  • 687 Northampton St. (the armory, pictured above), and
  • 675 Pine St. (across the street from the city's latest green rehab project)


Anonymous said...

thank you mayor. keep up the good work. These property owners have had plenty of chances and time to either fix them up or sell them to someone who will. These owners are a disgrace top our community.

noel jones said...

i notice that the barbershop on Northampton seems to have started some work on their building, and i don't think they are on the list. maybe this new initiative is inspiring other property owners who are on the borderline to fix up their places BEFORE they get on the list...

Dennis R. Lieb said...


Which barber shop are you talking about? Seems to be one in every other building. Must be a lot of money in cutting hair these days...hmmm.


noel jones said...

Ed Sieger's latest article for the ET on the progress:

noel jones said...

These are the four properties that the Planning Commission most recently determined were blighted:

373 W. Nesquehoning St.
430 W. Lincoln St.
501 Northampton St.
51 S. Warren St