Saturday, September 3, 2011

Riverside Festival of the Arts Features Plein Air Painting Contest September 17th and 18th

Posted by: Noël Jones

The 15th Annual Riverside Festival of the Arts will run Saturday and Sunday, September 17th 10am-5pm and September 18th 10am - 4pm this year, in Easton's Scott Park at the convergence of the Lehigh and Delaware rivers. Shaughnessy Law Offices is sponsoring another plein air painting contest (paintings done outdoors, and of the outdoors, in the "open air") and there is still time to enter! The entry fee is $10, prizes will be awarded, including
a grand prize of $250, 2nd place prize of $150 and 3rd place prize of $100.

There will also be a painter's clinic run by Dr. Barnaby Ruhe, readings by authors and poets of the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group, and local live bands, as well as bands from New York. Admission to the festival is free. For more information check the festival website:


Anonymous said...

they were at the concert last night in the amphitheatre. What a night. The place was backed with what had to be more than 800 people. Anyway, I was talking to Ellen and she said that this year's festival is even bigger than last year.

I can't wait.

noel jones said...

800 people--wow--that's awesome! i love all events on the rivers--not very many cities in the U.S. sit on TWO rivers and i think we should live it up and show it off at every opportunity.

Anonymous said...

the new park and event venues ar ereally cool. I had my kids thee tonight for the movie in Scott Park and it was awesome. The mayor was there and said there will be more this year but next year we will have a full schedule in all areas of the city. He said they were in the West Ward last night.

noel jones said...

There was a film shown in the West Ward last night? I wish I had known about it--I would have like to post it to the blog so more neighbors would know...

Did anyone go last night? What movie was shown, and where was it?