Friday, August 28, 2009

The City Has a New Web Site (Sooooo Much Better)

Check it out! After about a year of hearing about how the City was going to get a new web site to replace the dinosaur of technology and design that was the last one--IT'S FINALLY HERE:

Michael Duck's Valley 610 Article on the City of Easton's New Web Site 

Once the web site is official, I will be replacing the link under the heading Access Government entitled City of Easton on the right hand side of this home page.

Two important new features of the web site will be:

1. An on line bill-pay system so that you can pay all City bills on line
2. (Already available) under the City Government tab, and then under City Council Agenda/Minutes, there is not only a link to agendas that are posted days before each City Council meeting, but even more importantly, there is a link called Pending Legislation that shows everything they will be voting on at the next meeting.

Please read Michael Duck's article above, surf the site, and post comments as to how you like it!

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