Sunday, June 12, 2011

EASD Superintendent Takes Pay Raise While Teachers Donate to Needy Families

Posted by: Noël Jones

Colin McEvoy reports in his Express-Times article that Easton Area School District Superintendent Susan McGinley, after calling for a pay freeze across the board this year (and agreeing to give up her own annual and merit-based raises) will be getting a raise regardless, for
having finished her PhD this year. Out-going teachers union president, Kevin Deely, while supporting her raise in concept (he has to--as he has fought so hard to defend teachers getting raises for completing their masters degrees) says that he wishes that McGinley had elected not to receive the raise until after the pay-freeze for teachers and the rest of her staff was over. McGinley, as usual, did not make herself available to the reporter for comment.

In this Letter to the Editor, Richard Siegfried, a school board candidate who lost his bid during the primary, laments that Superintendent McGinley asked teachers to take a pay cut, knowing all the while that she would be accepting a 3% raise for finishing her doctoral degree this year.

By contrast, the teachers union held their annual "Free Mart" yesterday, donating household items and supplies to needy families in the Easton community.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely no words for this school district and its policies. She is making more than any other for a district our size and people tell me that her contract WE PAID for her tuition PLUS she went to scholl in Philadelphia three times a week -- ALSO on our dime. Our district needs a leader.

Untouched Takeaway said...

This is the kind of shenaningans that either creates or hardens cynics.

Getting an advanced degree - I have zero issue with that. I don't even care that it's taxpayer-funded. What I do care about is the skullduggery - it screams "Haha! You taxpayers are *so* stoopid, you'll never notice this!"

This is dirtbaggery at its finest.

Boogie said...

Answer me this . . .

WHY did the school board agree to this contract???

noel jones said...

very good question, Boogie.

Clifton Brian Rutty said...

Looks like fatcat greed in school systems isn't limited to NYC.