Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Come Celebrate: The West Word is Out--Party at Ashley's on Thursday Night!

The West Word party will be at Ashley's Thursday night 
at 229 11th Street between Spring Garden and Bushkill.

Posted by: Noel Jones

So by now you've probably seen the first issue of our very own neighborhood newspaper, The West Word, and it's time to celebrate! Come to the launch party this Thursday night at Ashley's. It's starts officially at 6pm, but a group of us will be going to the Safety Committee meeting to meet the new neighborhood police officers at the Salvation Army at 7pm, and then will be heading over to the launch party at Ashley's at 8pm--come along! There will be food at both shindigs--so let's eat, drink and be merry!


Dennis R. Lieb said...

I will be attending the LANTA presentation on the intermodal terminal and dropping by the WestWord party afterward. The intermodal meeting is important...how we handle the design and disbursement of other transit modes will directly effect passenger rail later.


Julie Zando-Dennis said...

The party will go into the evening, so stop on by afterwards!

The White-Haired Harbinger of Gratitude said...

Hope to stop by if back in town early enough. If not, have fun, it's a publication worth celebrating!

noel jones said...

I will be stopping by after the Safety Committee meeting at the Salvation Army in which our two new neighborhood police officers will be introduced--but the West Word party will be just getting ramped up around 8pm, and the new officers will be coming over to Ashley's with us!

Dennis, thanks for holding down the fort on the LANTA meeting--this is clearly one of those nights in Easton when many important things are going on at once, but we can all reward ourselves with the West Word party after!

noel jones said...

Great party--Ashley's has a nice ambience--it was terrific to see everyone there and staying 'til late!

Nikkita said...

Ashley's is a very nice place, I think we should interview the owner in our next Neighbors Profile section of the West Word :)